Top 10 Elvas

Elvas is an amazing fortified city in the Alentejo region of Portugal, situated only a few kilometres west of the Spanish border.  This Episcopal city and frontier fortress is located within the district of Portalegre, some 230 km east of Lisbon. The town can be easily reached from Evora, Lisbon or the nearby Spanish Badajoz.  Remarkably set on top of a hill, it is the perfect defensive city, offering impressive views on the surrounding lands.

The old town is unique in its genre famous for being one of the most heavily fortified frontier towns in Europe.  Indeed, Elvas is historically known for having some of the most sophisticated and best preserved military fortifications, completely surrounded by a series of strong walls and gates.  This strategic star-shaped architecture enabled protection from most angles of possible attack. Combined with impressive fortifications there are two fortresses surrounding Elvas, Forte de Grace to the North and the more famous Forte de Santa Luzia to the south.
As for Elvas beautiful surrounding, they are mostly known for their production of olives, brandy as well as quality plums which are famously conserved in a honey mixture and exported all over the world.


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Top 10 Caceres

Cáceres is perhaps one of the most interesting sites within the lesser known autonomous community of Extremadura in Spain, only some 300 kilometres South West of the capital Madrid.   It is said there have been settlements near Cáceres since prehistoric times but the city was officially founded by the Romans in 25 BC.  The Ciudad Monumental or old town still has some of the Roman remains blended with a mix of Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture, making the town a must see destination for every history fan.  This historic city is where many of the battles between Moors and Christians took place.  The Arabic influence is still visible with some 30 beautiful towers from the Muslim period indulging the famous Torre del Bujaco.  The old town has so little modern elements that it comes to no surprise that numerous movies were shoot there.  Because of all its remarkable features , Cáceres was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986.

Top 10 sites

The top 10 Caceres attractions include:

  1. Concatedral de Santa María
  2. Palace de los Golfines de Abajo
  3. Museo de Caceres
  4. Plaza de Santa María        
  5. Plaza/ Iglesia de San Mateo
  6. Plaza Mayor
  7. Arco de la Estrella
  8. Parador de Caceres
  9. Carvajal Palace
  10. Barrio de San Antonio

Caceres hotels

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Popular Caceres Hotels:

  1. Ah Agora Hotel
  2. Ahc Hotel
  3. Alameda Palacete Hotel
  4. Apartamentos H2 Caceres
  5. Apartamentos La Casa Pintada
  6. Baldio Grande Hotel Rural
  7. Barcelo V Centenario Hotel
  8. Bungalows Ciudad De Caceres Hotel
  9. Caceres Golf Hotel
  10. El Turcal Hotel
  11. Fontecruz Caceres Hotel
  12. H2 Caceres Hotel
  13. Hospederia Alcantara Hotel
  14. Hospederia Parque de Monfrague Hotel
  15. Hotel Albarragena
  16. Hotel Alfonso IX
  17. Hotel Casa Don Fernando
  18. Hotel Castilla
  19. Hotel Don Carlos CAceres
  20. Hotel Iberia Plaza America
  21. Hotel Iberia Plaza Mayor
  22. Hotel La Laguna
  23. Hotel Los Naranjos
  24. Husa Alcantara Hotel
  25. Husa Gran Hotel Don Manuel
  26. Isla del Gallo Hotel
  27. La Tierra Roja Hotel
  28. NH Palacio de Oquendo
  29. NH Palacio de Santa Marta
  30. Parador de Guadalupe Hotel
  31. Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera Hotel
  32. Parador Hotel
  33. Rio Convento de la Luz Hotel
  34. Rio Las Marinas Hotel
  35. Sercotel Extremadura Hotel
  36. Sierra De Monfrague Hotel

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Top 10 Madrid

Madrid is foremost a fantastic cultural destination with a great historic and artistic heritage.  Indeed it is home to the best known art galleries such as the El Prado and Reina Sofia museums within the so called golden triangle of Art located along the Paseo del Prado.  The amazing medieval centre where most of the key attractions are located is a wonderful place to get lost along its narrow streets packed with terraced cafes and restaurants.  It is where the beautiful walking plazas are located including Plaza Mayor and the Puerta del Sol, both an excellent starting point for a day of sightseeing or an evening with friends.


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