Amsterdam Video and Map

Following our article about the Top 10 attractions and hotels of Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most visited destinations, comes the HD video and the Interactive Map Application.  The Amsterdam Interactive Map Application is a full screen experience which include an interactive Google map, an interactive content slideshow, an image slider with high quality photographs and a video player section.


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Top 10 Barcelona

Barcelona is by far one of Europe’s more exciting cities. Located on the north eastern part of Spain and capital of Catalonia it has a lot to offer its visitors, from the continent’s best-preserved Gothic quarters and fascinating Gaudi architecture to the beautiful beaches served by multiple underground stations.  Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city offering a variety of world cuisine including succulent Catalan dishes.  The nightlife and music scene is also one of the most vibrant and their football team is known and supported around the world.  In short, Barcelona is perhaps the most equipped of all European cities will it be for arts, culture, sport or lifestyle.  The unique city of Barcelona is an absolute must when visiting the Costa Dorada.

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Top 10 Amsterdam

Amsterdam is considered one of the best destinations in Europe.  It has so much to offer its visitors from a wonderful architecture to a unique system of canals, passing by great entertainment.  It is the capital of the Netherlands, located within the province of North Holland and the country’s biggest city.  It is the Financial centre of the Netherlands as well as one of the most important in Europe, with many multinational headquarters in the city as well as being home to the oldest stock exchange in the world, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.  Amsterdam is also considered the dominant cultural and creative centre of the country packed with various museums and art galleries.  The city has a population of 750k inhabitants, with most of them speaking very good English, being very friendly and welcoming.

The history of Amsterdam goes back to the 12th century when fishermen settled next to the Amstel river.  In fact its name is derived from Amstelredamme, which can be translated to a dam in the river Amstel.  The city came to prominence during the 17th-century, known as the Dutch Golden Age, mainly due to its innovative developments in trade, which quickly made it one of the biggest international ports.  It was also during those great commercial years that Amsterdam built its famous canals and became the leading center for finance and diamonds.

For a cultural and historic visit or a great a place to shop, party or chillout, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for an exciting holiday.


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Hospitalet de l’Infant

Hospitalet de l’Infant is a lovely coastal town within the vacation friendly Costa Dorada.  It is located only a few kilometres from Tarragona and some 125 kilometres South of Barcelona,  Catalonia’s region capital.  The city dates back to the 14th century when a hospital was built to house pilgrims and from where the current town name comes from.  Today only a wall and a tower remains of the hospital.

Hospitalet de l’Infant is a set in astonishing natural beauty, with a long coastline offering golden sand, beautiful shallow and clean waters and amazing mountains in the backdrop.  Along the bay, is a long boardwalk, ideal for relaxing and romantic walks.  The city also host a lovely marina, separating the towns two main beaches, the Hospitalet de l’Infant bay to the West and Crystal beach to the East. 

The region is mostly alive during the summer months where plenty of tourists flock in, to enjoy the great weather and fantastic beaches.  It is also when the town host its various shows, and musical events, making it a great place to stay with family, keeping children entertained.  Off season, the region is relatively quiet, making it an ideal destination for those looking for peace, privacy and great holiday deals, yet enjoying an idyllic location. 

To enjoy a relaxing holiday or discover the surrounding areas, with a small and friendly vibe, Hospitalet de l’Infant is an ideal place to be.


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Top 10 Valencia

Valencia is the capital and largest city of the Autonomous Community of Valencia on the Eastern side of Spain bordering the Mediterranean Sea.  It is located some three hours east of Madrid and four hours south of Barcelona.  The city is famous for its Fallas Festival in March as well as being the birthplace of the paella, one of the most popular traditional Spanish dishes.  Valencia is home to various key sites including many within in its charming old city filled with narrow streets, small squares and churches.  Its most known attraction is perhaps the City of Arts and Sciences, an avant-garde museum complex with a remarkable piece of  architecture. 

Valencia is often referred to as the city of flowers as it is very well equipped in various green spaces and beautiful gardens.  The most impressive of those parks is the Turia gardens, passing through the heart of the city where the river used to flow.  It is the perfect place to enjoy various leisure and sport activities with friends and family.

Being one of the world’s most historical and intriguing cities, packed with a variety of sites to be discovered, it is no wonder Valencia is one of the top touristic cities in attracting millions of visitors each year.


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Benidorm is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destination in Costa Blanca.  It offers a wide range of activities for both families and younger crowds, from various aquaparks to a mix of traditional Spanish and international restaurants, jazz bars and all night discos.  Perhaps Benidorm’s most popular attraction in is the four kilometres long Blue Flag beaches which include Poniente Playa on the western side and Levante Playa on the eastern side, separated by the Old City in the middle.  Moreover, a 13 million Euro promenade have recently opened which include a lovely boardwalk at beach level.

Benidorm is the perfect purpose built resort town if you are looking to have fun and enjoy yourself.  It is indeed one of the perfect destinations for a stress free beach holiday.  The city offers all the amenities vacationers could wish for, combined with a safe but exciting atmosphere with an abundance of dinning and nightlife.


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