Museum of London

The Museum of London is a well known cultural attraction which explores the history of Britain’s capital from the prehistoric times up to the 21st century.  It is strategically located next to the remains of the Roman city wall within the south west corner of the Barbican complex.  The museum is composed of nine permanent chronological galleries from prehistoric, Roman and Medieval London way up to the People and World City, as well as a few temporary exhibitions.  It offers the visitor a great history lesson with some 7,000 original artefacts, painting and sculptures as well as numerous interactivities and videos.

The Museum of London has the following permanent galleries:

  1. London before London: 450,000BC to AD50
  2. Roman London : AD 50-410
  3. Medieval London: 410 to 1558
  4. War, Plague & Fire: 1550s-1660s
  5. Expanding City: 1666-1850s
  6. People’s City: 1850s-1940s
  7. World City: 1950s-today
  8. The City Gallery: Showcasing our most iconic treasure
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