Covent Garden Sequence Shot (5D Mark3 and Steadicam)

Explore this amazing Sequence Shot of the Covent Garden district in London’s West End from the Covent Garden Piazza to the Covent Garden Tube Station.  Covent Garden is one of the capital’s most popular entertainment districts with various theatres, free street performers, cafes and world known operas.

CC music by Zero Project, Track Battle at the misty valley

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam


Barcelona Amazing views: Harbour Cable Car

Discover Barcelona Amazing views from the Harbour Cable Car, a 1450 metre long harbour aerial tramway with red cars which connectsBarceloneta to the Montjuic.The entrance is in Barceloneta on the top of the 78 metre tall Torre San Sebastian tower.  It passes by the Torre Jaume I tower, considered the world’s second tallest aerial tramway support tower, before reaching the Montjuic, offering amazing views over Barcelona.  The Harbour Cable Car journey takes about 15 minutes and the one-way ticket is €11.

CC music by Gregoire Lourne, Track The Adventure Begins

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam

barcrelona-views-1 barcrelona-views-2 barcrelona-views-3 barcrelona-views-4 barcrelona-views-5 barcrelona-views-6 barcrelona-views-7 barcrelona-views-8 barcrelona-views-10

London’s Regents Park: London’s most famous green space

Discover Regent’s Park, one of the most famous green spaces in the capital, and part of the Royal Parks of London.  It is situated north of Marylebone road and Regent’s Park tube station and surrounded by Park road to the West, Prince Albert road to the North and Albany Street to the East.  It is home to a variety of recreational sights including the London Zoo, the Boating Lake and the Open Air Theatre within the Inner circle.

CC Music by Gregoire Lourne, track Once upon a time

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam

Barcelona: Catalonia capital city

Discover Barcelona, capital of Catalonia and everything it has to offer its visitors, from the continent’s best-preserved Gothic quarters and fascinating Gaudi architecture to the beautiful beaches served by multiple underground stations.  Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city offering a variety of world cuisine including succulent Catalan dishes.  The nightlife and music scene is also one of the most vibrant and their football team is known and supported around the world and.  In short, Barcelona is perhaps the most equipped of all European cities will it be for arts, cultures, sport or lifestyle.

CC Music by Daniel Bautista, track The Rain in Spain Falls Mostly on the Plain

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam

barcrelona-11 barcrelona-10 barcrelona-3 barcrelona-2 barcrelona-views-5 barcrelona-sequence-shot-2 barcelona-beach-sequence-shot-1

Barcelona Gothic Quarter (5D and Steadicam)

Discover the amazing Barcelona Barri Gotic considered the oldest part of the Ciutat Vella, Barcelona old town. It literally has its foundations in Roman times as it was built upon the old settlement of Barcino.

CC Music by Zero Project, track The ride of the Dark Knight

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam

barcrelona-barri-gotic-1 barcrelona-barri-gotic-2 barcrelona-barri-gotic-3 barcrelona-barri-gotic-4 barcrelona-barri-gotic-5 barcrelona-barri-gotic-6

Barcelona beach boardwalk (5D & Steadicam)

Discover one of the world’s Best City Beach Boardwalk in Barcelona.  Amazing sequence shot of the Barcelona Beach Boardwalk with its numerous bikers, joggers and rollerbladers.

CC Music by Daniel Bautista, track Vintage (Acoustic)

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam

barcelona-beach-boardwalk-1 barcelona-beach-boardwalk-2 barcelona-beach-boardwalk-4 barcelona-beach-boardwalk-5