Barcelona Barri Gotic by night: Ciutat Vella oldest part

Discover the amazing Barcelona Barri Gotic by night with a few astonishing sequence shots. The Barri Gòtic is the oldest part of the Ciutat Vella, Barcelonaold town. It literally has its foundations in Roman times as it was built upon the old settlement of Barcino. It’s quite easy to see these portions of the Roman wall through this area and for those looking to see more, you can visit the City History museum which takes you below ground to tour the 2,000 year-old foundations. Fully pedestrian, this area is quite popular for visitors to see the history of the city.

CC Music by Zero Project, track Knights of the darkness

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the biggest events of its kind, attracting over 70K people from all continents each year.  It is the perfect networking event with the majority of attendees being executives and CEOs, from large Telecom giants such as Vodafone and Orange, to device manufacturer (Nokia, Samsung, and HTC) and app builders.

Some of the hot topics at the MWC this year included:

  1. Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp
  2. & connect everybody on the planet
  3. Digital identity & Open ID connect
  4. Firefox OS and mobile apps
  5. 4G getting mainstream (in some part of the world at least)
  6. MEducation
  7. Wearable devices
  8. Smart cities

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World’s Best City Beach: Barcelona

Discover the world’s Best City Beach in Barcelona.  Amazing sequence shot of the Barcelona  Beach from Barceloneta west side to the Olympic beach on the eastern side.  With such an amazing city beach it is no wonder that Barcelona is considered one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

CC Music by Daniel Bautista, track Vintage (Acoustic)

Created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam

barcelona-beach-1 barcelona-beach-4 barcelona-beach-5 barcelona-beach-sequence-shot-4 barcelona-beach-sequence-shot-2 barcelona-beach-sequence-shot-1 barcelona-beach-boardwalk-1