Accor hotels

The Accor group is one of the world’s biggest hotel chain offering over 4,000 hotels in 90 countries.  It has something for every taste and budget across all the different world’s regions from the Americas to Australia and New Zealand passing by Europe, Africa and Asia.  It has a variety of well known brands from the high end luxury hotels such as the known Sofitel to more budget accommodations such as Europe’s low cost leaders such as the Etap Hotel and Formule1.  Some of the great deals they currently offer include the possibility to win ten Free World Tour, a special gift on Accor’s 10th Anniversary or the possibility to stay 4 nights and get 1 night Free with Sofitel this summer at over 80 destinations worldwide.


Win Free World Tour with  Accor 10th Anniversary celebrate this year their 10th Anniversary and give all their guests the  chance to win up to 10 Tours around the World .  Indeed, the main price is one of 10 round-the-world trips for two persons with a market value of more than 3000 Euros.  Each round-the-world ticket will include the  plane tickets for all ten stop-over cities starting at the nearest to the winner’s place of residence, lodging and transfer to the departure airport.

Win World Tour - Accor hotels
Win World Tour - Accor hotels

Top 10 stop-over cities

The top 10 stop-over cities include

  1. Paris (France)
  2. London (Great Britain)
  3. New-York (United States of America)
  4. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  5. Madrid (Spain)
  6. Bangkok (Thailand)
  7. Beijing (People’s Republic of China)
  8. Sydney (Australia)
  9. Berlin (Germany)
  10. Rome (Italy).

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Accor hotels

Accor is one of the world’s most important hotel manager and the market leader in Europe offering stays tailored to the specific needs of each business and leisure customer.  It has various distinctive brands from budget to luxury situated in over 90 countries, with more than 4,229 hotels and more than 500,000 rooms.

Accor hotels categories

The Accor hotels can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Luxury accommodation with the Sofitel hotels
  2. Upscale accommodation with the Pullman, Mgallery and Grand Mercure hotels
  3. Midscale accommodation with the Novotel, SuiteNovotel, Mercure and Adagio hotels
  4. Economy accommodation with the Ibis and All Seasons hotels
  5. Budget accommodation with the Etap Hotel, Formule1 and HotelF1 hotels

Other Associated businesses within the Accor group include:

  1. Accor Thalassa sea & spa
  2. Hôtel Barrière & casino
  3. Lenôtre  luxury catering
From Luxury to Budget - Accor hotels
From Luxury to Budget - Accor hotels

Accor Thalassa

Accor Thalassa – "Taking you to places your body will never forget" / Key figures:15 destinations, 14 therapy sites, 1 thermal spa, 3 countries
Thalassa sea & spa have a variety of wellbeing services in 15 carefully destinations across France, Italy and Morocco, offering seawater and hot spring spas.  Threat yourself to the benefits of sea-water which are rich in mineral salts indispensable to the organism or to the virtues of hot spring water.  Discover the long term benefits of thalassotherapy in a variety of well-being places including Carnac, Quiberon, Ile d’Oléron, Biarritz,  Port Fréjus, Aix-les-Bains, Essaouira in Morocco, Timi Ama in Sardinia or Tombolo in Italy.

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Accor Thalassa - Accor hotels
Accor Thalassa - Accor hotels

Hôtel Barrière

The Hôtel Barrière is one of the key luxury player in the Casino market in western Europe.  It is situated in some of France and Morocco most sought after locations such as Cannes, Lille, Marrakech and Paris.  With each hotel offering various activities such as casinos, top cuisine, golf courses, spa and thalassotherapy, it will make for a truly memorable stay.

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Hôtel Barrière - Accor hotels
Hôtel Barrière - Accor hotels


Key figures: 51 establishments around the world, 10 countries,1 world’s best wine waiter
Lenôtre is a luxury catering service offering high class French gastronomy at 42 gastronomy boutiques in 10 countries around the world.  It is a prestigious signature of the Accor Group.  They are the perfect partner for major international events, taking care of all your gastronomy needs from reception planning to catering, passing by pastries, cakes, chocolates and other and other viennoiseries preparation. It is also known for its perfect choice of wines carefully selected by Olivier Poussier known as one of the World’s Best Wine Steward.

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Test - Accor hotels
Lenôtre - Accor hotels

Accor hotels brands

The Accor hotel brands include the following from the most luxurious to more budget accomodations:

  1. Sofitel
  2. Pullman
  3. Mgallery
  4. Grand Mercure
  5. Novotel
  6. SuiteNovotel
  7. Mercure
  8. Adagio
  9. Ibis
  10. All Seasons
  11. HotelF1
  12. Formule1
  13. Etap Hotel
  14. Motel 6
  15. Studio6
  16. Orbis
Test - Accor hotels


Sofitel – "Life is Magnifique” / Key figures: 116 hotels, 29,987 rooms, 38 countries
The Sofitel is one of the most known and luxurious chain of hotels and resorts in the world.  It established itself on all 5 continent, in some of the world’s most sought after destinations by offering some 131 hotels in 40 countries.  Those high end accommodations all have the perfect mix of French Elegance and years of hospitality know-how,  as well as being conveniently situated in the heart of the worlds’ most known metropolis such as such as Paris, London, New York and Beijing or nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of the Fiji Islands or Thailand.

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Sofitel - Accor hotels
Sofitel - Accor hotels


Pullman –  "New attitude hotels for international travellers" / Key figures: 49 hotels, 13,924 rooms, 16 countries
The Pullman is a 5-star Accor brand relaunched in 2007.  It currently offer  40 hotels in 14 countries and are planning to grow to up to 250 establishments worldwide  by 2015.  Those upscale business hotels are conveniently located in the major metropolis around the world, providing personalized services and innovative technologies.

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Pullman - Accor hotels
Pullman - Accor hotels


MGallery – "the art of staying" / Key figures: 33 hotels, 3,632 rooms,
The Mgallery is a new collection of upscale hotels accommodations with some 40 hotels in 21 different countries.  Those establishments are categorised according to four different themes including Vision, Design, History and Panorama.  If you are looking for a place with personality and a true soul the Mgallery is the ideal place with its distinctive services.

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Mgallery - Accor hotels
Mgallery - Accor hotels

Grand Mercure

Grand Mercure – Superbly individual hotels and apartments / Key figures: Apartments / hotels 39, 5584 rooms, 6 countries
The Grand Mercure brand is a network of 39 three and  four stars hotels situated in  up to 5 countries around the Asia Pacific region.  The hotels are known for their individuality and the quality of the guest experience, offering a variety of different locations, from historic country manor houses to more secluded ski chalets.  The Grand Mercure is the perfect place if you are looking for comfort and quality, mix with at special charm of the area.

Reserve at the Grand Mercure now, best price guaranteed.

Grand Mercure - Accor hotels
Grand Mercure - Accor hotels


Novotel – "Designed for Natural Living" / Key figures: 395 hotels, 72,805 rooms, 59 countries
The Novotel brand is a network of more than 400 three and  four stars hotels situated in the heart of most sought after international destinations in some 60 countries.  It is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travellers, with a variety of facilities such as meeting rooms, a 24/24 healthy-eating restaurant service or a special children’s areas.  It is also the perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing or business meeting, with the hotels various fitness and relaxation facilities.  The Novotel brand stands for simplicity, good design, modernity so as to make each guest feel welcomed.

Reserve at the Novotel now, best price guaranteed.

Novotel - Accor hotels
Novotel - Accor hotels


Key figures: 28 hotels, 3,477 rooms, 7 countries
The Suitehotel chain is a network of 3 stars hotels all over Europe with 26 establishments in 6 countries.  It is known for accommodating a medium-stay clientele with their 30m² Suites which can be re-arranged in either way that suits the guest need will it be for work or relaxation.   For those who want to experience a new way of hotel living, the SuiteNovotel is the only place to be giving you more autonomy and a more enjoyable stay.

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SuiteNovotel - Accor hotels
SuiteNovotel - Accor hotels


Key figures: 674 hotels, 83,428 rooms, 49 countries
The Mercure brand is the 3rd largest hotel network in Europe,  offering 3 and 4 star accommodations in some 720 locations in 49 countries. The main characteristics of the Mercure hotel, is the passion of their owners, close to their local community and offering each guest high level of quality and a truly authentic experience.

Reserve at the Mercure now, best price guaranteed.

Mercure - Accor hotels
Mercure - Accor hotels


Adagio –  “The city at your own rhythm” /  32 Aparthotels, 4,060 apartments, 6 countries
The Adagio is the perfect solution if you are looking for studios, one or two-bedroom apartments at the heart of Europe’s largest cities.  Indeed each of the apartments  come with fully-equipped kitchens, all the needed facilities and with à la carte hotel services.  The Adagio is the ideal place for a longer stay with digressive rates according to your length of stay.

Reserve at the Adagio now, best price guaranteed.

Adagio - Accor hotels
Adagio - Accor hotels


Ibis – “Hotels the way you like them” / Key figures: 900 hotels, 107,735 rooms, 48 countries
The Ibis brand are a network of 2, 3 and 4 star hotels, currently in 831 locations in 42 countries.   It is known as the worldwide economy hotel offering consistent quality accommodation and services.  It provides excellent value for money with all rooms fully-equipped and the hotel offering  a 24/7 reception.
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Ibis - Accor hotels
Ibis - Accor hotels

All Seasons

All Seasons – “The design hotels where the little extras don’t cost extra!” / Key figures: 115 hotels, 10,267 rooms, 10 countries
The All Seasons brand is a network of 2–3 star hotels which started in France in 2007 and have currently over 100 locations all over the world including Australia.  They became famous for offering an all-inclusive package and with simplicity, quality and conviviality at the heart of the brand.

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All Seasons - Accor hotels
All Seasons - Accor hotels


HotelF1 – Pay less travel more / Key figures: 252 hotels in France, 18,827rooms
The hotelF1 is the leader in low cost hotels in France offering comfortable room for one, two or three persons.  The chain was first created in 1984 and was then renamed to Formule1.

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HotelF1 - Accor hotels
HotelF1 - Accor hotels


The Formule 1 is one of Europe’s most popular budget hotel chain offering  371 hotels in some 14 countries. It was rebranded and redesigned as F1 Hotels in France and is known in Northern Europe as Etap Hotel.

Reserve at the Formule1now, best price guaranteed.

Formule1 - Accor hotels
Formule1 - Accor hotels

Etap Hotel

Etap Hotel – “Be smart. Stay smart”  / Key figures: 400 hotels, 11 countries
The Etap Hotel is the European leader in budget hotels with more than 400 hotels in 11 countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.  It offers comfortable rooms, all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet as well as WiFi Internet access, all this within affordable rates.

Reserve at the Etap Hotel now, best price guaranteed.

Motel 6

Motel6 – "We’ll Leave the Light on For You" / Key figures:1 028 hotels, 100,763 rooms, 2 countries
The Motel6 is a famous North American hotel chain of budget motels set across over 1000 locations in the United States and Canada.  The network is famous for offering extremely good value for money and providing a great deal of services such as Wi-Fi Internet connection, free coffee in the morning, free local calls and cable television with premium channels. The Motel6 has everything to enjoy a great stay across North America at very competitive price.

Reserve at the Motel 6 now, best price guaranteed.

Motel6 - Accor hotels
Motel6 - Accor hotels


Studio6 – "Extend Your Stay, not Your Budget" / Key figures: 62 hotels, 6,883 rooms, 2 countries
The Studio 6 is the North American hotel chain specializing in extended-stay with over 60 locations in both the U.S and Canada.  Each of the comfortable furnished studios have low weekly rates and accommodating hotel amenities. The Studio 6 are always located in convenient locations with easy access to business complexes, shopping and retail centres, entertainment areas and restaurants.

Reserve at the Studio6 now, best price guaranteed.

Studio6 - Accor hotels
Studio6 - Accor hotels


Orbis is one of the most known hotel chain in Poland offering great accommodations in 15 towns all over the country.  The brand is the perfect combination of many years of experience and traditional Polish hospitality, ensuring each of your stay a comfortable one.  They are various great Orbis locations to choose from the beautiful rooms with view on the Baltic sea in the north to the historic hotel in the heart of Cracow further south.  The Orbis network is a great place to stay in Poland offering something for every taste for both budget and leisure travellers.

Orbis - Accor hotels
Orbis - Accor hotels

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Accor France have hotels all around the world, however they are especially known in France with a variety of accommodations all over this beautiful country from Brittany to the North to the French Riviera in the South passing by the romantic capital, Paris.
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