Costa Blanca is one of the most developed touristic regions on the Spanish Coast attracting millions of European vacationers each year, with its wonderful coastline and an abundance of sea side resorts.  It is part of the Province of Alicante and includes the major tourist destinations of Benidorm, Alicante, Denia and Xabia.  It is the land of beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters, friendly local people, fiestas and a vibrant nightlife.  Costa Blanca year round sunshine and numerous attractions both on the beautiful coast and in land with its numerous white washed villages, makes it a very sought after destination especially with British and other northern European vacationers.

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Costa Blanca map

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Costa Blanca main aerial hub is the Alicante airport with millions of European tourists flocking in each year.  There is also a second airport further south in Murcia or a bigger one in Valencia in the northern province of the same name.

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The top places in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca combines some of Spain best beaches and nightlife with a beautiful mountain scenery in the background.  It is the perfect place to enjoy a stress free holiday.   Some of the top places in Costa Blanca include:

  1. Alicante
  2. Altea
  3. Benidorm
  4. Calpe
  5. Denia
  6. Javea
  7. Torrevieja
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Alicante is the capital and biggest city of the province of Alicante.  The city is home to a variety of historical attractions, with the majority situated within the old town, delimited by the coast and the Explanada de Espana to the South and the Rambla de Méndez Núnez to the west.  The narrow streets of the old city are where the town hall, cathedral and old Covent are located.

Perhaps the most important sight of Alicante is the Castle of Santa Barbara situated on the top of the Mount Benacantil, built in the ninth century by Muslims rulers and considered one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain.  The city host another castle on the northern part of the city center called San Fernando.

Alicante is also home to several art museums including the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, hosting more than 80,000 pieces, the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts home to excellent Spanish artworks and the Asegurada Museum of Modern Art where the art of some of the world’s greatest artists including Picasso and Miró are displayed.

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Altea is a small town located to the north of Benidorm, famous for its beaches, good weather and the beautiful labyrinth of streets with whitewashed houses.  The city is blessed by a microclimate, protected by the Serra de Bèrnia to the north and a cool sea breeze towards the coast.  Altea has a an amazing  seafront esplanade, covered with palms and offering remarkable views of the bay. The old town is also worth discovering with numerous historical sites including the church of La Mare de Déu del Consol with its picturesque blue and white domes and glazed ceramics.

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Benidorm is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destination in Costa Blanca, offering a wide range of activities for both families and the younger crowd, with a mix of traditional Spanish restaurants, jazz bars and all night discos.

The city of Benidorm is most famous for its tall hotels and holiday apartment blocks some of which are over 25 floors high. Home to a large Spanish population as well as a huge retired British population, the city offers value holidays to over 5 million visitors each year. It has plenty of accommodations to fill this touristic demand with no less than 41,000 hotel beds and apartments spread across the city.  As for places to eat and drink it is not short on those either, with over 1,000 places to choose from day and night.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in Benidorm is the four kilometres long Blue Flag beaches including the western side Poniente Playa and the eastern side Levante Playa, with the Old City in the middle.  Moreover, a 13 million Euro promenade have recently opened which include a boardwalk at beach level.

Benidorm is the perfect purpose built resort town if you are looking to have fun and enjoy yourself.  It is indeed one of the perfect destinations for a stress free beach holiday.  The city offers all the amenities vacationers could wish for, combined with a safe but exciting atmosphere with an abundance of dinning and nightlife.

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Calpe is another paradise destination in the heart of Costa Blanca offering two long stretch of sandy beaches, making it the ideal place for an all-inclusive holiday.  It is indeed a very popular tourist resort north of Benidorm, especially with British and German tourists coming for a holiday or living there on a more permanent basis.  The Penyal d’Ifach, an immense rock emerging from the sea is perhaps the most iconic sight of the city. It is a designated nature reserve, but it is possible to climb to the top via a tunnel, bored steeply through the middle of the rock.

The nearby smaller town of Altea with its whitewashed houses and narrow street is also worth discovering.

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Denia is a small tourist town situated north of Alicante. It’s primary attractions is the numerous idyllic beaches set within the 20 km of coastline and divided into a harbour, rocky and sandy section.  The favourite with most tourist is the sandy beach, but for the more adventurous type or for divers, La Punta Negra or the end of Les Rotes might be worth exploring.

Apart from its amazing natural beauty, Denia offers a variety of Historical sites, remains of its long history dating back from before the Romans and passing by the moors influence. Some of the key sights include the castle, the old wind mills and its historic old town including the main street Carrer Marqués de Campos, the harbour and the old fisherman area.  For more details about Denia’s history, the  ethnological museum is packed with various artefacts and information.

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Javea or Xabia is a lovely town within the Costa Blanca region and a popular seaside resort destination.  It is perfectly located behind a wide bay and sheltered between two rocky headlands.

It is a favourite destination with many tourist due to its old charm and natural beauty but also because of its good road connections, located between two of the main air hub of the region, notably the Alicante and the Valencia airports.

The city can be divided into three  main sections including the Javea old town, Javea port, & the beach area.  The Javea old city is a lovely maze of narrow streets packed with white washed houses, gothic style windows and iron balconies, and is also home to various churches and other historic sites.  As for the city port it is the ideal place for a good meal or a night out as it is packed with various restaurants and bars, some offering amazing views on the sea.  Finally, the most popular district of Xabia is the Arenal beach area considered the main commercial and recreation centre of the town.

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Torrevieja is a popular coastal resort town some 40 kilometres north of Alicante.  It is an area blessed with natural beauty containing a protected Parque de las Naciones Natural Park with two salt lakes and no less than 20 km of coastline packed with numerous cliffs coves.  The Torrevieja area is home to six large beaches including La Mata, Cabo Cervera, Los Locos, El Cura, Los Náufragos and Ferris, which represent the city main attraction.  Other natural sights include Las Salinas, the salt lakes to the west of the city

There is however plenty more to Torrevieja than lovely beaches and amazing natural parks.  Indeed it is home to a variety of cultural and historic sites including various churches such as the Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción and Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, the Museo del Mar y de la Sal or the Sea and Salt Museum, The Market, various Water Fountains and the Old Railway Station.  The city’s Juan Aparicio Seafront and the Boom Boom street are also worth discovering.

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Costa Blanca beaches

The numerous beaches of Costa Blanca are perhaps some of the nicest within all the Spanish coast.  There is a variety of great spots to choose from with over 100 kilometres of coastline from Aguilas in the South to the playas past Gandia In the north.

From the resort crowded and Blue Flags beaches of Benidorm to the more rugged ones away from the cities with breathtaking cliffs, there is the perfect beach spot for everyone.

Some of the top beaches areas in Costa Blanca include:

  1. Alicante beaches, bordered by a known walkway leading to the cafés and restaurants
  2. Javea coastline, with 25 kilometres of sandy beaches framed by palm trees and promenades
  3. Denia, known for Les Rotes beach, with 20 kilometres of rocks and coves packed coastline. ideal for divers
  4. Benidorm beaches, one of Europe’s favourite

Costa Blanca has an immense variety of beaches to choose from, will be amenities packed coast near big resorts to its isolated coves and bays, making it a favourite destination for beach bums and sun worshipper looking for the perfect sun and sea holiday.

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About Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca which literally means "White Coast" refers to over 200 kilometres of coastline on the Spanish eastern coast within the Province of Alicante.  The region stretches from Pilar de la Horadada or more known Torrevieja to in the southern Costa Calida to Denia in the north, passing by the Capital Alicante and one of the most famous resort town of Benidorm.  The region remains one of the most popular destination with northern European especially with British and German tourists.  Costa Blanca offers a variety of attractions from small white washed villages such as Villajoyosa to popular entertainment parks like Terra Mitica, passing by the numerous towns and wonderful beaches along the coast.

The clear turquoise sea and miles of white sandy beaches surrounded by rows of cafes and restaurants are obviously the region’s main attraction, but for the more adventurous type, the mountains parallel to the coast offers plenty of excitement as well.   Indeed there are various trekking trails worth discovering as well as the unique Moorish villages surrounded with hidden coves and olive trees.  Those mountainous interior offer a completely different vibe then the tourist packed coastline, where fortified villages and medieval towns share the landscape with citrus, almond trees and date palms.

Costa Blanca is a great place for a fabulous holiday with plenty of great spots under the sun from small peaceful villages to purpose built exciting cities offering all the attractions needed.

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Costa Blanca Weather

Costa Blanca is blessed with some of the best climate in Europe and is even recognised as one of the top in the world by the World Health Organisation.  It is even a bit better than other coastal Spanish regions, being not as hot during the peak summer period and not as cold or wet in the winter months.  In other words its central position gives it the ideal weather for sun seeker vacationers all year round, even during the colder season.  It is even said that many traveller with arthritis come to the region for therapy and improve their overall wellbeing within days.

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