Goa is by far one of the most visited regions in India, located less than 600km South of the buzzing Mumbai.  It is considered the primary holiday destination in the country, attracting 2.5 million visitors each year including numerous foreign tourists, with its fabulous beaches and green lush vegetation.  As a former Portuguese colony, it is considered one of India’s most charming regions with its rich history, unique architecture and culture.  Indeed having been isolated from the rest of the country for some 450 years, it offers today a truly unique experience with a much more relaxed vibe.


Map of Goa

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The region of Goa can administratively be divided into two districts including North and South Goa, which can be further divided into 11 sub-districts called talukas. As both of the districts are very similar geographically and share the same history, many believe that the real distinction is between the central coastal areas where most of the resorts and beaches area located, and the other inland regions.

Top hotels in Goa

Goa has some of the country best hotels and resorts, from budget accommodations to luxury 5 stars establishment right on the beach.  The following are some of the best hotels in Goa as voted by the users, divided into 5 Stars, 4 Stars, 3 Stars and budget accommodations.  To learn more about those hotels a short description, address and booking linking following.

Goa top 5 Stars hotels

  1. Vivanta by Taj Panaji, 5 Stars hotel
  2. Taj Exotica Goa, 5 Stars hotel 
  3. Vivanta by Taj – Fort Aguada, 5 Stars hotel 
  4. Vainguinim Valley Resort , 5 Stars hotel
  5. Alila Diwa, 5 Stars hotel 

Goa top 4 Stars hotels

  1. The Crown Goa, 4 Stars hotel
  2. Citrus Goa, 4 Stars hotel 
  3. The Village Square, 4 Stars hotel
  4. Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort, 4 Stars hotel
  5. Coconut Grove, 4 Stars hotel

Goa top 3 Stars hotels

  1. A’s Holiday Beach Resort, 3 Stars hotel 
  2. Casa Britona, 3 Stars hotel
  3. Fahrenheit Hotels and Resorts, 3 Stars hotel 
  4. Casa Severina Hotel, 3 Stars hotel 
  5. Soul Vacation Resort, 3 Stars hotel 

Goa top budget hotels

  1. Alor Holiday Resort, budget hotel
  2. Hotel Viva Goa International, budget hotel 
  3. Martin’s Comfort Hotel, budget hotel 
  4. Cochichos Resort, budget hotel 
  5. Little Italy Resort, budget hotel 

Best of North Goa

The Northern part of Goa is famous for its historical remains such as the Chapora and Aguada Forts, as well as numerous coastal resort destinations such as Anjuna, Calangute and Candolim.


The charming coastal town of Anjuna, located in the Bardez taluka is best known for its flea market located on top of cliffs, offering a variety of souvenirs and colourful clothing, and with spectacular views over the sea and the surrounding areas.  Passed the shops and restaurants, is the very long Anjuna Beach, where a variety of holiday makers share the white sand with Indian’s sacred cows.

Chapora Fort

The splendid Chapora Fort is a large and strategically located hilltop fort with spectacular views over the Chapora River and the surrounding unspoilt beaches of Northern Goa. 

Vagator Beach

Those Portuguese remains proudly sit next to the amazing Vagator beach, an unspoilt coastal destination, an ideal place to get away from the crowds. 

Baga and Calangute

Baga is best known as the primary resort holiday hub in Goa sharing the coast with the southern Calangute beach.  It is considered one of the busiest and most popular holiday destinations with both local and international visitors. 

Aguada Fort

The southernmost tip of North Goa is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty and a variety of historic sites.  Indeed it is home to the spectacular Fort Aguada, one of Goa’s best-preserved seventeenth-century Portuguese fort and lighthouse. 

Sinquerim beach

Finally on the western Arabian Sea side is where the charming Sinquerim Beach is located.  This peaceful beach is home to some amazing historic ramparts and offers a variety of luxury hotels such as the amazing Fort Aguada Beach Resort.

Candolim beach

The superb Candolim resort village and beach is perfectly located between Calangute and the Aguada southern tip.  This once quiet fishing village of the North Goa’s Bardez taluka has became a crowded and busy tourist destination.

Best of Central Goa

Central Goa is where the current capital Panaji is located, as well as the charming Old Goa, once the colonial Portuguese headquarters.  The region is a major tourist hub, especially around Miramar beach and Dona Paula, famous for being the backdrop of various Bollywood movies.


Panaji is Goa’s capital and one of the state biggest and most important cities.  It is located on the bank of the Mandovi River with its numerous Casino boats.  At its heart lies the Panaji Latin Quarter, home to the Municipal Garden, various restaurants, shops and the city’s most important landmark the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

Dona Paula

Dona Paula, once a small fishing village, has become a popular tourist destination within the central part of Goa.  It is best known for being home to the Dona Paula viewpoint offering spectacular views of the bay with its colourful boats, unspoilt beach surrounded by palm trees. 

Old Goa

Old Goa, once the Portuguese capital city is located on the bank of the Mandovi River. The small town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site is packed with a variety of sixteenth century churches, convents and historic monuments.

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is one of the most popular destinations in with Panaji locals, especially in the evening where a variety of young kids and older colourfully dressed ladies come to enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

Best of South Goa

The southern part of Goa is best known as the primary transport hub of the region, home to the Madgao Junction railway station as well as some of Goa’s most sought after beaches including Agonda and Palolem.


Agonda is considered one of South Goa most peaceful destinations and the perfect place to get away from it all.  It has a unique laidback atmosphere, with plenty of travellers coming to meditate, practice yoga or martial arts on the beach.  

Cabo de Rama

Cabo de Rama is an ancient fortress built before the arrival of the Portuguese and considered one of Goa’s oldest forts.   With its very steep cliff drops, it offers spectacular panoramic views of the region including the Canacona stretch and the Colva beach.


The charming village of Palolem is located a few kilometres from the Chaudi market town and the Canacona bus and railway station.  This coastal destination is famous for its breathtaking natural bay, colourful fishing boats, and a variety of water sports.

Patnem Beach

Only a few kilometres south of Palolem is the idyllic Patnem Beach, a much peaceful and quieter version of its neighbour.  It has a limited number of beach huts and restaurants, and shares its coastline with the private Galjibag beach home to a luxurious 5 Stars resort.


Margao is one of the most important cities in Goa and the main tourist hub for South Goa’s idyllic coastline.  It is the administrative capital of the Salcete taluka and the commercial capital of the Indian state.

Goa images

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Best of Goa
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Goa videos

The following is a selection of some of Goa’s best videos including one of about the Northern, Central and Southern region.  You may click here to view the complete India video gallery

North Goa video

HD Film created by Mat Siems about North Goa most sought after destination including the idyllic beaches of Calangute, Anjuna, Vagator and Candolim as well as the breathtaking Portuguese forts of Aguada and Chapora.

Central Goa video

HD Film created by Mat Siems about Central Goa most sought after destinations including the current capital city of Panaji, the charming Old Goa and the beaches of Dona Paula and Miramar.

South Goa video

HD Film created by Mat Siems about Central Goa most sought after destinations including the remarkable beaches of Agonda, Palolem and Patnem, as well as exceptional historic sites such as the Cabo de Rama fortress.

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