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Discover the world’s best destinations that you should visit at least once during your lifetime from the magnificent beaches of south-east Asia, to the idyllic French Riviera and the California coast. 
We also a have separate lists for the world’s top cities, top beaches and top wonders.
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  1. Top Destinations in the Americas
  2. Top Destinations in Europe
  3. Top Destinations in Africa
  4. Top Destinations in Oceania
  5. Top Destinations in Asia

Top Destinations in the Americas

  1. British Columbia Province in Canada and the Rockies Mountains including Banff, Victoria and Vancouver
  2. Niagara Falls and the Toronto region in Ontario, Canada
  3. The Great Lakes
  4. Quebec Province in Canada including Montreal, Quebec City and The Gaspe Peninsula
  5. California, Nevada and the Grand Canyon on the US west coast (LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas)
  6. East Coast of the US including Boston, NYC and Washington DC
  7. Florida State and Florida Keys in the South East of the US
  8. Mexico East Coast including Cancun and the Playa del Carmen
  9. Mexico West Coast including Puerto Vallarta
  10. The Caribbean’s including Cuba, Jamaica, and the lesser Antilles (Antigua and Barbuda)
  11. Central America including Panama and Costa Rica
  12. Brazil Coast including Rio de Janeiro and
  13. Argentina coast including Buenos Aires
  14. Columbia and their national parks
  15. Eastern Island off the coast of Chile
  16. Machu Picchu in Peru
  17. Chile and the West Coast of South America

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Top Destinations in Europe

  1. Scotland’s beauty including Edinburg
  2. England including London, Bath, Cumbria, Oxford, Cambridge
  3. Ireland rocky cliffs coasts and the great cities including Dublin
  4. Iceland island
  5. Amsterdam and the Netherlands
  6. Belgium and the cities of Bruges and Brussels
  7. Northern Europe with Norway and Sweden and their Aurora Boreals
  8. Paris and Iles de France région
  9. French Riviera from Marseille to Monaco passing by Nice, Cannes and St-Tropez
  10. The Balearic Islands including Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza
  11. The Mediterranean islands including Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily
  12. East Europe including Poland, Czech republic and Hungary
  13. Spanish Coast from Barcelona to Costa del Sol
  14. Portugal Atlantic coast
  15. Alps mountains across France, Switzerland, Austria and Switzerland
  16. Northern Italy from Milan to Florence passing through Venice and San Marino
  17. Roma and Vatican City
  18. Greek Islands
  19. Croatian Riviera with Dubrovnik
  20. West Russia with St-Petersburg and Moscow
  21. Turkey and the Istanbul region, a mix of east and west
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Top Destinations in Africa

  1. North Egypt including the Pyramids at Giza, Cairo and Alexandria
  2. South Egypt including Luxor
  3. Morocco and the cities of Casablanca, Agadir and Marrakesh
  4. Zimbabwe Victoria Falls region
  5. The Seychelles islands
  6. Island of Mozambique
  7. Gondar region in Ethiopia
  8. Kilimanjaro National Park
  9. Ancient Thebes
  10. Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania
  11. Southern Africa Region
  12. Tunis region in Tunisia
  13. Ethiopia and where it all begins
  14. Dakar region in Senegal
  15. Dar es Salaam region in Tanzania

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Top Destinations in Asia (including Middle East)

  1. Taj Mahal in the Agra region in India
  2. Mumbai region
  3. Goa beaches Region
  4. Mohenjo-Daro Region in Pakistan
  5. Thailand’s capital Phucket and paradisiacal regions such as Phucket, Koh Samui
  6. Great Wall of China
  7. Hong Kong Region
  8. Macau Region
  9. Singapore Region
  10. Indonesia Region
  11. Philippines Islands
  12. East Coast of Vietnam
  13. Tokyo and the Japanese Islands
  14. Taiwan Island
  15. Mongolia Region
  16. Maldives Region
  17. Himalaya mountains in Nepal
  18. Himalaya mountains in Bhutan
  19. Tibet and the land of the snow and once the home of the Dalai Lama.
  20. Sri Lanka Island
  21. The United Emirates regions including Dubai
  22. Bahrain region
  23. Jerusalem region home of the world’s religion
  24. Lebanon’s coast
  25. Saudi Arabia region
  26. Shibam, the Manhattan of the deserts in Yemen
  27. Istanbul region in Turkey where the west meets the east
  28. Bosra’s region in Syria
  29. Qatar’s region
  30. Band-emir Lakes in Oman
  31. Kuwait’s region

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Top Destinations in Oceania (including Australasia and the Pacific)

  1. North East of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Visit the Ayers Rock of Uluru in Australia
  3. Kakadu National Park in Australia
  4. New Zealand and Milford Sound and cities such Auckland
  5. Maori villages and the bubbling mud pools in Rotorua in New Zealand
  6. The bay of island maritime park and watch for the dolphins and whales in New Zealand
  7. Papua New Guinea region
  8. Diving spots in Rangiroa in French Polynesia
  9. Crystal clear blue waters on a glass bottom boat in French Polynesia
  10. Paradisiacal beach of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesa islands (Cook Islands)
  11. Island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands
  12. Hawaii islands in the Pacific
  13. Bora Bora regions including Tahiti and French Polynesia
  14. Guam and the Pacific islands
  15. Fiji islands
  16. Micronesia islands

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