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Discover Britain’s history before the Romans including hunter-gatherers, stone age, land bridge, English channel 10,000BC, farmers 4000BC, 2000BC Bronze Age, metalworkers, Iron Age, Celtic languages and the first coins.

  1. Hunter-gatherers where the first people to live in Britain during the period known as the Stone Age
  2. A land bridge connected Britain to the continent and people came and went, following the herds of deer and horses which they hunted.
  3. Britain only became permanently separated from the continent by the Channel about 10,000 years ago.
  4. The first farmers arrived in Britain 6,000 years ago from south-east Europe.
  5. These people built houses, tombs and monuments on the land.
  6. Around 4,000 years ago, people learned to make bronze which led to the period known as the Bronze Age.
  7. People lived in roundhouses and buried their dead in tombs called round barrows
  8. They became talented metalworkers who made many beautiful objects in bronze and gold, including tools, ornaments and weapons.
  9. During the Iron Age, around 800B people learned how to make weapons and tools out of iron
  10. Most people were either farmers, craft workers or warriors.
  11. They spoke a Celtic language, which is related to languages still spoken today in some parts of Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
  12. The people of the Iron Age had a sophisticated culture and economy,
  13. They made the first coins to be minted in Britain, some inscribed with the names of Iron Age kings.
  14. This marked the beginnings of British history.

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