If you want to know in which country you would live the longest, you are at the right place. Here is the top list of those healthiest countries with a short explanation of the key factors:

  1. Japan – life expectancy of 86 for women and 79 for men, healthy diet – rich in seaweed and fish, sponsored governmental exercise programs
  2. Australia – healthy diet with range-fed cattle (grass-fed steaks), lots of sport (beach volleyball)
  3. Sweden – excellent public healthcare (especially for children) because of high government spending, holistic point of view with more then just medicine
  4. Greece – social aspect of dining by enjoying and savouring it, better digestion
  5. Italy -focus is on fresh, whole unprocessed foods, which part of the daily routine
  6. Iceland – excellent public healthcare (especially for child birth)
  7. Cuba – one of best healthcare in the world, focus on prevention and healthy living
  8. Finland – focus on fresh whole foods and healthy living, massive promotion by the government
  9. Germany – focus on fresh, whole foods, clean air, excellent nationalized healthcare with high tax rates, promotion of an outdoor active lifestyle
  10. France – social dining with longer and slower meals, use of fresh, whole ingredients

World’s Healthiest Countries Interactive flash e-learning map

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