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Amsterdam Interactive Map

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Amsterdam Interactive Map

Amsterdam HD Video caption

The following is the Amsterdam video caption :

  1. Amsterdam: city of Bikes
  2. Amsterdam: city of Canals
  3. Amsterdam: city of Boats
  4. Amsterdam: city of Museums
  5. Amsterdam: city of Coffeeshops
  6. Amsterdam: city of the Red Light district
  7. Amsterdam: city of Finance
  8. Amsterdam: Capital city
  9. Amsterdam: Historic city
  10. Amsterdam: Top touristic destination

Amsterdam: the city of Bikes

Amsterdam is the city of Bikes.  Indeed it is considered the Bicycling Capital of Europe with no less than 600,000 bikes for a population of 750, 000 people.  As it is not a city meant for cars, with plenty of canals and narrow streets, the best option to explore its numerous sites is by foot or by bike.  Those  famous Amsterdam  Bicycles come in a variety of colors and shapes, and are used by almost everyone from young to old, local and tourist.

Amsterdam: the city of Canals

Amsterdam is the city of Canals.  It is often called the Venice of the North, with its important Canal Ring, with hundreds of kilometers of canals and no less than 1, 500 bridges.  Those famous canals  or “Grachtengordel”, where built during the 17th century and had since become a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Amsterdam: the city of Boats

With so many canals, it is no wonder that Amsterdam is also known as the city of Boats.  Indeed the city is packed with a variety of boats of all shapes and size, from grandiose yachts next to the port to the smaller romantic dinner boats on the canals, one of the most authentic Amsterdam experience.   The city is also home to the Houseboat Museum which let visitors explore the inside of a real houseboat.

Amsterdam: the city of Museums

Amsterdam is the city of Museums.  Indeed it is considered the cultural and creative centre of the Netherlands.  Many of the city’s most popular museums are located next to the Museumplein square on the Southern end of the canal belt.  Those include the Rijksmuseum, known as the Dutch national museum with its large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, and the Van Gogh Museum with the world’s largest collection of that artist’s paintings including famous masterpieces such as the Bedroom in Arles and The Potato Eaters.  Amsterdam is also home to the Anne Frank’s House, a museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist, located on the Western side of the city center on the Prinsengracht canal. 

Amsterdam: the city of Coffee Shops

Amsterdam is the city of Coffeeshops.  Indeed those Coffeeshops have become a well known city attraction with hundreds of those establishments set across the city, especially around the Old town. Each of those cafes have their own vibe and is a perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing.

Amsterdam: the city of the Red Light district

Amsterdam is the city of the Red Light district, one of the city’s best known tourist destination.   Indeed the De Wallen area located on the eastern side of the old city is where most of the red light illuminated windows are located, with girls offering their services.

Amsterdam: the city of Finance

Amsterdam is the city of Finance.  Indeed it is the Financial centre of the Netherlands as well as one of the most important one in Europe.  It has many multinational companies headquartered in the city, as well as being home to the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, known as the oldest stock exchange in the world. 

Amsterdam: capital city

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.  It is the country’s biggest city located within the province of North Holland.  Amsterdam is packed with some great attractions, from its central Dam square to its amazing museums passing by its charming Canal Ring.

Amsterdam: Historic city

Amsterdam is a Historic city.  Indeed the history of Amsterdam goes back to the 12th century when fishermen settled next to the Amstel river.  The city came to prominence during the 17th-century, known as the Dutch Golden Age, when it became one of the biggest international ports.  It was also during those great commercial years that Amsterdam built its famous canals and became the leading center for finance and diamonds.

Amsterdam: Top touristic destination

Amsterdam is considered one of the best and most popular destinations in Europe.  It has so much to offer its visitors,  from a wonderful architecture to a unique system of canals, passing by world class entertainment.  The city is also known for being a really welcoming place, with most of its residents speaking good English and  being very friendly.

For an exciting holiday break, packed with  culture, history and great places to shop, party or chillout, Amsterdam is the perfect destination.

Amsterdam Interactive Map