Andalucia is the perfect destination to find the typical Spanish experience, from flamenco to bullfighting passing by charming white washed towns, Picasso galleries and romantic sea ports.  The region is blessed with a rich historical heritage composed of a variety of castles, palaces and cathedrals to be discovered.  It is perhaps one of the Spanish region’s mostly influenced by medieval Islamic Spain with is grandiose architecture such as the fabulous La Alhambra Palace in Granada.  Andalucia is also world famous for being home to some of the most sought after coastal resorts from the popular and densely crowded Costa del Sol to the more rugged but beautiful Costa de Almeria. 

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Andalucia Map

The following is Andalucia Map featuring its provinces, major cities, holiday Costas as well as charming towns.

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About Andalucia

Andalusia with more than 8 million people is the most populous, the second largest and often considered the most beautiful of all the Spanish regions.  It is the southernmost Spanish area and is bordered by Portugal to the west and has the strategic British colony of Gibraltar on its southernmost tip which is separated from North Africa by just a few miles. Andalusia’s largest city and capital is the beautiful Sevilla offering a variety of historic as well as artistic attractions.

With a charming cultural heritage combined with the excitement of cities such as Malaga, Cádiz and Córdoba filled with the hippest bars and nightlife, as well as the idyllic natural wonders composed of various beaches and the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the backdrop, Andalucia remains one of the top places in the country to discover the real Spain.

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Andalucia’s regions

Andalusia is divided into eight provinces including Huelva facing the Atlantic Ocean, three in land including Seville, Córdoba and Jaen, as well as the most popular regions facing the Mediterranean sea including form East to West, Cádiz, Malaga, Granada and Almeria.

  1. Huelva province
  2. Seville province
  3. Córdoba province
  4. Jaen province
  5. Cádiz province
  6. Malaga province
  7. Granada province
  8. Almeria province
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Andalucia regions - Top Andalucia

Huelva province

Huelva is the westernmost province of Andalucia with Huelva city as its capital.  The province is famous for its Donaña national park home to a variety of flamingo species.

Top destinations in Huelva province include:

  1. Huelva, the province capital city
  2. Almonte, known for its El Rocío village an important pilgrimage point
  3. Palos de la Frontera, known as the place where Columbus developed his travel plans
  4. Punta Umbria, a seaside town near the flamingo-filled salt flats

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Huelva province - Top Andalucia

Seville province

Seville is an inland province of Andalucia with a population of a bit less than 2 millions of whom 40% live in the capital, Seville.  The city of Seville is one of the leading touristic destination in Andalusia coming right after Barcelona and Madrid.  The province other key attractions is the Parque Nacional de Doñana shared with the western Huelva province.

Top destinations in Seville province include:

  1. Seville, the capital and biggest city
  2. Lebrija, known for its pottery and earthenware heritage, including búcaros
  3. Santiponce, a charming town near the ruins of Roman city of Italica
  4. Utrera, considered the cradle of the fighting bull and the flamenco

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Seville province - Top Andalucia

Córdoba province

Córdoba is the north-central province of Andalusia set between the southern regions of Málaga, Seville, Badajoz, Ciudad Real, Jaen and Granada.  It has a population of over 800k people of whom more than 40% live in the capital, Córdoba, spread across 75 municipalities.

Apart from the lovely capital, the other top destination in the province is Iznájar, a small village set next to a 1 million hectolitre manmade lake.  Situated about an hour drive from Córdoba city it is the southernmost village of the Sierra Subbética mountain range and famous for once being home to the Iberian Lynx.  Iznájar is an ideal place for fishing or enjoying water sports such as sailing and kayaking all year round.

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Córdoba province - Top Andalucia

Jaen province

Jaen is the easternmost inland province of Andalucia famous for being the largest olive producing area in the world, producing about one tenth of all worlds olives and 60% of all the Spanish production.  The province is packed with various medieval Cathedrals, Castles and very old Arab baths with an impressive architecture.  It has plenty of great spots to enjoy breathtaking view or relax over a coffee surrounded by a unique landscape.  Jaen province is also a great destination for nature lovers with four national parks including one being the size of the entire Spanish region of La Rioja.

Top destinations in the Jaen province include:

  1. Jaen
  2. Cazorla
  3. Ubeda and Baeza
  4. Linares

Cazorla village is set in a beautiful landscape surrounded by a river, mountains, wildlife such as deer and eagles and plenty of olive trees.

As for the villages of Ubeda and Baeza they are beautiful Renaissance cities set in the typical region landscape and both recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Linares  is best known for attracting some of the world’s best chest players during its annual chess tournament.

Jaen province - Top Andalucia

Cádiz province

Cádiz province is set within the Spanish regions of Huelva, Seville, Málaga and the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, as well as  bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  It has a population of  a bit less than 2 millions, of whom about 600,000 live in the Bay of Cádiz area.

It is home to the city of Cadiz the region’s capital as well as considered by many the oldest city in Western Europe.  The province is blessed with a variety of pueblos blancos or white villages such as the picture perfect Grazalema, Alcala de los Gazules and Zahara de la Sierra.  Cádiz province is also a great place for nature lovers with a variety of walking routes and centres.

Top destinations in Cádiz province include:

  1. Algeciras, known as the gateway to Morocco
  2. Barbate, a famous fishing port on the south-west coast of Cadiz province
  3. Cadiz, capital city home to 128,000 people
  4. El Puerto de Santa Maria , beautiful port across the Cadiz bay
  5. Jerez de la Frontera, the province largest city with more than 204,000 inhabitants
  6. Olvera, known for its 18 Century Church offering spectacular views of the city
  7. Tarifa, Andalucia’s southernmost city

Tarifa is famously located at the southernmost tip of Andalusia.  It is best known as an ideal place for windsurfers and kiters, as well as for its charming old town with its beautiful architecture such as the Ayuntamiento Town Hall.

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Cádiz province - Top Andalucia

Malaga province

The Province of Málaga is situated in the heart of Andalusia bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and surrounded by the provinces of Cádiz, Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada.  It has a population of about 1.6 million of whom two-fifths live in the capital Málaga. The province is mostly known for its booming tourism industry, packed with a wide array of tourist resorts, hotels and apartments, especially along the Sun Coast or Costa del Sol.   Indeed the beaches and resorts towns are world famous visited by millions of tourists each year, mostly from north Europe.

The Malaga province is divided into six comarcas or counties, including:

  1. Malaga region, known as the largest city stretch along the Costa del Sol
  2. Antequera region, known as the "heart of Andalucia"
  3. Axarquía region, often referred to as the "Eastern Costa del Sol"
  4. Costa del Sol, the well-known Sunny Coast packed with beachside resort towns
  5. Valle del Guadalhorce,  known as the natural region along the Guadalhorce river
  6. Serranía de Ronda, the region north of the Costa del Sol

Top destinations in Malaga province include:

  1. Malaga, province capital and largest city
  2. Álora, famous for its castle set on top of a hill
  3. Antequera, known for its two large Bronze Age dolmens
  4. Benalmádena,  famous for its long stretch of sunny beaches and a lively nightlife
  5. Frigiliana, a white mountain town with a labyrinth of charming narrow streets
  6. Fuengirola, known  for its Moorish castle on the top of a hill next to the beach
  7. Marbella, famous for its beaches, marina and old town
  8. Ronda, known for its deep gorge and Puente Nuevo bridge
  9. Torremolinos, famous for its pedestrian-only Calle San Miguel

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Granada province

Granada is a coastal province of Andalusia bordered by the provinces of Albacete, Murcia, Almeria, Jaen, Córdoba, Málaga and the Mediterranean Sea.  Its capital city is also called Granada and the region’s most touristic destination is the Costa Tropical.  It has a  population of some 900K people, of whom about 30% live in the capital and set accross168 municipalities.  Granada province is blessed with astonishing natural beauty from the lovely coastal spots to the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountain range.  It is also home to a variety of cultural attractions will it be in Granada or within the Las Alpujarra region, composed of traditional Moorish villages scattered throughout the mountains.  The region is also world famous for its laid back way of life.

Top destinations in Granada province include:

  1. Granada, capital city home to the Alhambra Palace
  2. Alhama de Granada, an old spa village perched above a river gorge
  3. Almunecar, home to ancient Phoenician and Roman ruins
  4. Guadix, known for its Cathedral, the Plaza de la Constitución and various churches
  5. Pitres, a charming village part of Las Alpujarras
  6. Portugos, a small Alpujarras town in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park
  7. Salobrena, an old town dating back 6000 years famous for its Moorish castle
  8. Sierra Nevada, the highest mountains in Spain
  9. Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, the most southern ski resort in Europe
  10. Motril, famous for its "Playa Granada" beach

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Granada province - Top Andalucia

Almeria province

Almeria is the easternmost province of Andalucia bordered by the provinces of Granada, Murcia and the Mediterranean Sea. The region has a lot to offer including great beach resorts, national parks, a desert and amazing mountains as well as the capital city of Almeria itself.

Almeria is considered one of Europe’s driest areas especially around the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park which made the province an ideal setting for Western films.  Indeed, the area near the Desert of Tabernas, was the location of some of the best spaghetti westerns ever made including some of Leone’s classic A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Top destinations in Almeria include:

  1. Almeria, the province capital
  2. Adra, famous for its three lovely beaches
  3. Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  4. Mini Hollywood, home to Spaghetti Westerns studios and museums
  5. Las Negras, small coastal village with the nice El Playazo beach surrounded by cliffs
  6. Nijar, a charming typical Moorish town
  7. Roquetas de Mar, famous for lovely sandy beaches and laid back beach bars and clubs
  8. Velez Blanco, home to ancient ruins and beautiful desert
  9. Velez Rubio, home to a lovely church and interesting museum

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Almeria province - Top Andalucia

Top Andalucian cities

The following are the top most important cities in Andalucia:

  1. Seville
  2. Granada
  3. Malaga
  4. Córdoba
  5. Ronda
  6. Marbella
  7. Almeria
  8. Cádiz
  9. Torremolinos
  10. Jaen
  11. Jerez de la Frontera
  12. Huelva
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Seville is the capital and largest city of Andalucia, as well as home to flamenco.  It is Spain 4th largest city and the cultural and financial centre of southern Spain. The city is situated on the banks of the smooth and slow Guadalquivir River, which divides the city into two halves: Sevilla and Triana, and later crosses the Doñana National Park.  Key attractions include the fifteenth century Cathedral of Seville, one of the world’s largest churches, La Giralda is a large and beautiful minaret tower, the Real Alcázar, a beautiful palace in the Mudéjar Moorish style and the Jewish Quarter or Barrio Santa Cruz located around the Cathedral.

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Granada is a is a mid-sized city in Andalucia and home to the magnificent La Alhambra Palace.  It is rich in history and culture and often considered the most worthwhile touristic city in Spain.  The city is also an ideal starting point to the nearby Sierra Nevada.

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Malaga is Andalucia’s second largest city after Seville and the primary tourist hub in Costa del Sol, with millions of people arriving at the International airport annually.  It  is an amazing place to visit with plenty of cultural sites, wonderful beaches, excellent golf courses and a variety of other attractions both for children and grownups.

Perhaps the best known site of the city is the astonishing Moorish palace of Alcazaba situated on top of a hill and offering amazing views of the city.  Other key attractions include the magnificent Renaissance cathedral and the Picasso Museum with a collection of over 150 of the artist paintings.

For golf enthusiast, Malaga is the place to be.  It is often dubbed as the “The Costa de Golf” offering some of the world’s best 18 hole courses, some with amazing views of the coast.

It is also a perfect place for kids offering various attractions from theme parks and safaris to go-carting centres, in and around the city. 

Malaga remains the perfect location mainly because of its international airport but also for the quality of its beaches, world class golf courses, exciting theme parks as well as offering a variety of historical sites.

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Córdoba is the capital city of the province of Córdoba as well as the ancient capital of an Islamic caliphate in the Middle Ages.  Historian believe that during the 10th century and beginning of the 11th century, Córdoba might have been the most populous city in the world and during these centuries became the intellectual center of Europe. Today it is a mid- sized modern city of about 300K people containing numerous architectural sights reminding of its glorious past especially around its old town.

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Ronda is a small city located within the province of Málaga, Northwest of its capital.  It is set around a deep gorge spanned by an impressive bridge, making it for spectacular views.  The Puente Nuevo is the large and incredible bridge over the gorge completed in 1793 and today host a small museum.  Ronda’s other key attractions include the Calle Espinel, the main shopping and strolling street in town, la Plaza de Toros, said to be the oldest and one of the most highly regarded Spain bull rings,  La Alameda a lovely park with shady trees and ample walking space as well as La Ciudad the old district of Ronda

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Marbella’s key attraction is the two lovely beaches, ideal for sunbathing and relaxation or to dive into the excitement of a new water sport.  The wide seafront boulevard is another of the key places of Marbella offering a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants to choose from. 

Marbella’s marina known as the Puerto Banus is another remarkable place to be especially in the evening where you may enjoy a drink with friends while glimpsing at the glamorous yachts and sea boats.  This port is also the place where you might come across a celebrity in one of the upbeat nightclubs.

For a bit less glamour and more charm, then the old town of Marbella is the place to be.  It is where you will find numerous small squares, outdoor cafes and boutiques surrounded by palms and orange trees.

With a 320 day average of sunshine and year-round temperature Marbella is the perfect place for a stress free holiday.  From nightclubs to golf, it has everything to spoil you with luxury.

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Almeria is an Andalusian city on the Mediterranean Sea, capital of the province of the same name.  It is famous for the variety of medieval remains and fortresses including Alcazaba and the Cathedral, with its fortress-like appearance created to defend itself from pirate invasions.  Other key sights worth discovering include the Renaissance church of Santiago, built in 1533, with tower and portal beautifully decorated with reliefs, the Chanca, a group of houses carved into rocks and what is left of the famous Castle of San Cristobal. The city is connected to the Alcazaba by a line of walls, the Museum of Almería and Paseo de Coches, a modern seaside promenade with gardens and palms.

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Cadiz is the capital of the Cadiz Province, famous for being the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula.  It was first founded by Phoenician sailors some 3000 years ago and quickly became a commercial stronghold.  Various remains from this glorious past can be found inside the Archaeological Museum or behind the Old Cathedral where what is left of the Roman theatre can be seen.  Other key sights in Cadiz include the old town Cathedral and its spectacular views from the top of the North Tower, the church Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, The Torre Tavira, near the Central Market Mercado de Abastos home to the Camara Oscura, an optical instrument offering birds-eye panoramic-views of the old part of town.

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Torremolinos is a lovely coastal town on the Costa del Sol situated some 12 km south of Malaga between the Malaga Bay and the Mijas Mountains.  What was originally a small fishing village has  become a very popular touristic destination, quintupling is 43,000 population into 250,000 during the peak summer season.  The city key attractions include its lovely beaches and the pedestrian-only Calle San Miguel packed with numerous shops, cafes and bars, which runs from the town center down to the coast.

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Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is one of the largest city in the province of Cádiz in south-western Andalusia.  Perfectly situated between the sea and the mountains it has become the transportation and communications hub of the province, surpassing even the provincial capital of Cádiz in economic activity.

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Top Andalucia Holiday destinations

The following are some of the top holiday destinations in Andalucia from the Costa de La Luz facing the Atlantic to the eastern coast of Almeria, passing by the most famous of all the Costa del Sol.

  1. Costa de La Luz
  2. Costa del Sol
  3. Costa Tropical
  4. Costa de Almeria

Costa de La Luz

The Costa de la Luz which can be translated to the Coast of Light is one of the westernmost region in Spain.  It is part of the bigger Andalusia region and it is the only coast facing the Atlantic ocean.  It extends  from the Guadiana River in the North to Tarifa in the south along the Province of Huelva and Cádiz.

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Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol which can be translated to the Coast of the Sun is the most popular of all the coastal regions.  It is set between less touristic Costa de la Luz to the East and Costa Tropical to the West and is part of the bigger autonomous community of Andalusia.  It extend from Punto Chullera in the west to the cliffs of Maro in the East.  What was once a land of small quiet fishing settlements, became in the last century, one of the most known holiday destination in the world.  Indeed it has today become the land of major touristic hotels and resorts development, high rise apartments, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and many other touristic attractions. 

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Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical is the eastern neighbour of popular Costa del Sol part of the larger Andalusia region.  It is often referred to as  “Costa de Granada” because of the importance of it s major city Granada.  Unlike its resort developed neighbour, the Costa Tropical is made up mostly of agricultural zones and small resort towns and villages.

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Costa de Almeria

The Costa de Almeria is 217 kilometres (135 mi) of wonderful Mediterranean coast, from Adra on the border with the province of Granada to the province of Murcia in the East.  The land is blessed with a variety of beaches from the deserted ones within the Natural Parks to those enjoyed by numerous vacationers with  golden sand and clear sea waters.

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Other Andalucia destinations

The following are the other spectacular destinations in Andalucia, consisting of amazing natural wonders and charming regions less known by most of tourists.

  1. Alhama de Granada
  2. Baza National Park
  3. Doñana National Park
  4. Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park
  5. La Alhambra
  6. La Alpujarra
  7. La Axarchía
  8. Sierra Nevada
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Alhama de Granada

Alhama de Granada is a charming old spa village above the Alhama gorge famous for its thermal baths where water is naturally at 47 degrees C.  There is also a Roman Bridge dating back to the 1st century on the way to the Balneario.

Baza National Park

The Baza National Park is no less than 53hectares of beautiful Natural Park offering superb dominated by pine woodland but also offering some 100 different plant species, including gall oaks and junipers along with some berries and aromatic herbs.  It is also a sanctuary for wild animals, home to Golden eagles, Egyptian vultures, kestrels and eagle owls to name only a few. The park also has breathtaking view from the Santa Barbara highest point.

Doñana National Park

The Doñana National Park is a recognised UNESCO Biosphere reserve offering a unique biodiversity of a variety of ecosystems and shelters wildlife.  Those including thousands of species including migratory birds, Spanish red deer, wild boar, European badger, Egyptian mongoose and even some endangered species such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle and Iberian Lynx.

Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park

The Cabo de Gata-Níjar is a beautiful natural park from volcanic origin recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, near the city of Almería.  It is the largest terrestrial-maritime reserve in the European Western Mediterranean Sea, covering 460 km² including the town of Carboneras, the mountain range of Sierra de Cabo de Gata as well as 120 km² of the sea as a part of a Marine reserve.

La Alhambra

La Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in the province of Granada constructed during the mid 14th century by the Moorish rulers of the Emirate of Granada.

La Alpujarra

La Alpujarra is a landlocked historical mountainous regions south of the Sierra Nevada home to a variety of traditional Moorish villages.  The area is known for its scenery and slow, laid back way of life.

La Axarchía

La Axarchía is the wedge-shaped area east of Málaga, known for its  beautiful white washed  towns such as Frigiliana.  Its capital is Vélez and its highest mountain is La Maroma.

Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is the highest mountain range on the Iberian Peninsula offering a variety of beautiful ski holiday destinations.  It is known to be Europe’s southernmost ski resort and is the perfect place for skiing, snowboarding and hiking.