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Discover Hel Peninsula, a 35-km-long sand bar peninsula in the Northern part of Poland home to the sea resorts of Chałupy, Jastarnia, Jurata and Hel.  It is located some 50 kilometres north of the Tricity it is one of the most visited Baltic destinations especially during the summer months where it is an ideal place for camping and enjoying various water sports including kite surfing.

The peninsula width is the narrower near the Jurata region with only a few hundred meters and much larger at the eastern tip with over 3 km in the town of Hel.  Interestingly up until the 17th century, because it is mainly formed of sand, the peninsula was a chain of islands that formed a strip of land only during the summer.

Top sights in Hel Peninsula:

  1. 35-km-long sand bar peninsula home to the sea resorts of Chałupy, Jastarnia, Jurata and Hel
  2. Chałupy: well known for its good windsurfing and kite surfing conditions
  3. Jastarnia: popular seaside resort town with small fishing port
  4. Hel: town at the eastern tip of the Hel Peninsula with a lovely beach and harbour

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HD travel documentary film created by Mat Siems with 5D Mark 3 and GlideGear Steadycam.

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