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The following is what we believe are some of the World’s best beaches from the popular destinations off the coast of Florida, to the remote islands of the Pacific passing by the idyllic resort destinations such as the Maldives and the Seychelles.  We combined sought after places from all over the globe including snorkelling and scuba-diving favourites, romantic honeymoon gateways, and most popular spring break destinations.  Hopefully you will find the perfect escape beach among some of the most breathtaking spots on the planet.  If we missed any one of your favourite beaches please make sure to let us know in the comments.

World’s Best Beaches is a list of the most incredible sunshine regions on the planet from North America to the Pacific islands, passing by the Caribbean’s, South America, Europe and Asia most amazing destinations. It includes beaches from the USA, Brazil, Mediterranean Islands, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Goa, Maldives, Thailand’s, Malaysia, Philippines, Seychelles, Goa, Maldives, Thailand’s, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Ocean Beaches

  1. World’s Best Beaches video
  2. Introduction
  3. World’s Best Beaches map
  4. World’s Best Beaches regions

World’s Best Beaches map

The following is full screen interactive map of the World’s Best Beaches with image slider and HD video.  The map includes top beaches in the Caribbean’s, North and South America, Europe, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.
World's Best Beaches map

World’s Best Beaches regions

From East to West (and North to South), starting with the US and terminating on the Pacific, passing by the Caribbean’s, South America, Europe and Asia the following are the World’s Best Beaches regions:

  1. California Beaches: US most expensive coastal real estate
  2. East Coast Beaches: Nantucket Island, the Hamptons & Virginia Beach
  3. Florida Beaches: welcome to Miami, Fort Lauderdale & Daytona Beach
  4. Mexico West Coast Beaches: home to Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta
  5. Mexico East Coast Beaches: Mayan Riviera with Cancun & Yucatan beaches
  6. Bahamas Beaches: perfect the romantic gateway
  7. Greater Antilles Beaches: Varadero, Jamaica & Punta Cana
  8. Lesser Antilles Beaches: home to Providenciales, voted the world’s best beach
  9. Central America Beaches: Pacific shores & the Caribbean Sea
  10. Brazil Beaches: home to the world famous Rio’s Ipanema Beach
  11. Argentina and Uruguay Beaches: Punta del Este, Bikini Beach & Punta del Diablo
  12. Chile Beaches: balnearios with a warm Mediterranean climate
  13. South Europe Beaches: Word’s most Expensive
  14. Spanish Beaches: Costa de Sol’s Marbella & Malaga
  15. Portuguese Beaches: Algarve’s unique spots
  16. Balearic Islands Beaches: Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza & Port d’Alcudia
  17. Mediterranean Beaches: Sardinia, Malta, Cyprus, Sicily and Corsica
  18. Greek Islands Beaches: Crete, Ionian, Mykonos & Santorini
  19. Canary islands Beaches: with unique fine black sand
  20. South Turkey beaches: home to Ölüdeniz & its world famous Blue Lagoon
  21. Egypt beaches: home to Red Sea resort town of Sharm El Sheikh
  22. South-Africa beaches: home to Durban’s Golden Mile & South Beach
  23. Seychelles beaches: world’s most photographed beach
  24. Goa Beaches: India’s primary holiday destination
  25. Sri Lanka Beaches: between the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal
  26. Maldives Beaches: palm-fringed heaven in the Indian Ocean
  27. Bangladesh Beaches: home to the World’s Longest Beach
  28. Thailand’s Beaches: world’s most famous including Phangan, Samui & Phi Phi
  29. Malaysia Beaches: home to Langkawi the land of one’s wishes
  30. Philippines Beaches: Southern Negros, El Nido, Boracay, Cebu and Siargao
  31. Eastern Australia Beaches: Fraser Island, Bondi Beach & Whitehaven Beach
  32. Southern Australia Beaches: surfers spots at Ninety Mile Beach and Bells Beach
  33. Western Australia Beaches: world’s best surfing spots
  34. New Zealand Beaches: Waiheke Island’s, Coopers Beach & Ocean Beach
  35. Pacific Ocean Beaches: Bora Bora, Cook Islands & Hawaii

California Beaches

California Beaches might not be the most breathtaking natural destinations, but they are certainly one of the most popular appearing in numerous Hollywood productions.  Scattered across over 1,000 miles of the USA’s west coast they are usually flat with rocky shores and some of the most popular include Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, San Diego’s Ocean Beach (OB), Ocean Beach San Francisco, Encinitas, Huntington Beach, Pismo Beach, Carmel and Santa Cruz.  Those beaches are also famous for being the US most expensive coastal real estate, especially around the Newport Beach area, where the average home price is about $2.5 Millions.

East Coast Beaches

The US is also blessed with splendid natural destinations on its Eastern side including the sought after Hamptons Beaches in the state of New York with its unspoiled coastline of windswept dunes, the popular family destination of Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina with its breathtaking views of Atlantic Coast and Virginia Beach considered one of the greatest seaside resort.

Florida Beaches

Florida the sunshine sates is considered the world’s most popular Beach destination for overseas visitors, attracting over 3 million overseas tourists each year in Miami alone.   The 7-mile-long Miami Beach is by far the most popular attractions in the city, made famous by the famous Art Deco Historic District of South Beach as well as for its nightlife and world class shopping location.

Other famous beach destinations in the state of Florida include the picture perfect Saint Pete Beach with its Sugary-white sand and off shore dolphins, Daytona Beach made popular by its auto racing and spring breaks, and finally  Fort Lauderdale offering a long stretch of beautiful beaches and great swimming,

Mexico West Coast Beaches

The West Coast of Mexico is blessed with several hundred miles of coastline facing the Pacific Ocean.  It offers a variety of well known resorts such as Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta, as well a smaller beautiful beach destinations such Chamela, Navidad and Zihuatanejo.

Mexico East Coast Beaches

The Easter side of Mexico also known as the Mayan Riviera has become a popular resort destination not only with American students coming for Spring Breaks, but also with European travellers. Some of the most sought after resorts include Tulum famous for its breathtaking Yucatan beaches and the Chichén ancient ruins located nearby, Playa del Carmen known for its nightlife, Cabo San Lucas for spotting celebrities and Cancun the favourite beach resort destination for students and families alike.

Bahamas Beaches

The Bahamas are one of the most sought after places in the Caribbean especially for those looking for an on-the-beach wedding or just a romantic gateway.  With some seven hundred islands offering fine white sand and surrounded by clear water, it is not a surprise that it is for many the idea of tropical paradise.  Some of the most beautiful beaches are located on the Out Islands such as Abaco, Andros, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, Harbour Island and Long Island Beaches.

Greater Antilles Beaches

The Caribbean islands of the Greater Antilles have become one of the world’s most popular beach destinations.  It is relatively large in size compared to the Lesser Antilles and strategically located South East of Florida, if offers a variety of colonial and cultural sites surrounded by picture perfect natural destinations.

Some of the most sought after resorts include Varadero with its 13-mile-long peninsula and Cayo Coco with its powder-white beaches in Cuba, the luxury Cayman Islands with its crystal clear waters, Jamaica with its laid back vibe and its Seven Mile Beach, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic known for its party atmosphere along its 25 miles coastline and Puerto Rico famous for its Championship golf courses.

Lesser Antilles Beaches

The Lesser Antilles although much smaller than its neighbour is blessed with some spectacular natural beauty.  The Providenciales beaches of the Turks and Caicos Islands was voted the world’s best beach for two years in a row. As for the island of St. Barthelemy, often referred to as St. Barts it is considered the best beach for celebrity watching, with many A-listers such as Uma Thurman, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been spotted there.  Another magnificence sunshine destination is the Palm Eagle Beach in Aruba, world famous as a diving spots with is turquoise waters and unique sites such as the wreck of the torpedoed tanker Pedernales.

Central America Beaches

The Central America Beaches are blessed with soft sands and warm waters that span on two diverse coastlines, the Pacific shores on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.  Some of the best destinations in the area include the very laid back Placencia in Belize ideal for water sport lovers, the nightlife and international dining experience of Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica, the small and wildlife packed San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, Bocas Del Toro known as the surfing capital of Panama and Roatan within the Bay Islands which offers a truly Caribbean experience for a much smaller price.

Brazil Beaches

Some of the Brazilian Beaches such as Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro are world famous for its sex appeal, immortalized in various songs.  Other amazing spots surrounding the great city include Arpoador beach, Leblon Beach and the Tijuca National Park.

Argentina and Uruguay Beaches

Mar del Plata’s coastline is considered Argentina’s premier beach destinations, however nothing beats the beach resorts of its small southern neighbour of Uruguay, considered to have the best vacation spots in the whole of South America.  Depending on what you are looking for, the sleeping state has it all.  From Punta del Este as a Glamorous jet-set destination with its upscale nightlife to Colonia del Sacramento for peace and quiet, passing by Bikini Beach or the Gorriti Island for the beach experience and the small village of Punta del Diablo for a top surfer destination.

Chile Beaches

With over 4000km (2500 miles) of coastline, it comes to no surprise the Chile offers some of the best beach resorts on the Pacific front of the Southern Hemisphere.  Indeed the country is packed with a variety of islands, coves, rocky cliffs and bays, making it the ideal destination for the more adventurous type.  Some of the most sought after resorts known as balnearios are located in the central part of the county, with a pleasantly warm Mediterranean climate.

South Europe Beaches

Many say that the French and Italian Riviera are the most beautiful in the world. On thing is for sure, is that it is home to the Word’s most Expensive Beach, with a square foot of real estate in Monaco costing over $58,000 a square meter ($5,000 a square foot).

Some of the most sought after destinations within the French Riviera include Nice seaside town with its pebbles beach, Cannes famous for its Film festival as well as for having the only sandy beach in the area, Menton considered the pearl of France and the sexy glamorous St-Tropez.

As for the Italian Riviera, the Amalfi Coast with its unique limestone cliffs plunging into the turquoise Mediterranean Sea is a must see destination, so is the remarkable Monterosso al Mare town in the heart of Cinque Terre, known as the area’s only sandy beach.

Spanish Beaches

Spain is perhaps the European country most famous for its beach destinations.  Indeed millions of tourists from the continent northern states (especially from the UK and Germany) flock in each year to enjoy the diversity of the Spanish coast.  The Costa de Sol is one of the most visited regions on the southern coast, especially around the city of Marbella famous for its casinos, marinas and a glamorous vibe, Nerja packed with various water sport activities and the Malaga port city with its long coastline.  Further east are located the more peaceful beaches of Costa Brava in Catalonia such as the sleepy town of Cadaques.

Portuguese Beaches

The Portuguese Beaches of the Algarve are perhaps one of the most unique in Europe, often comprised of charming sandy coves surrounded by dramatic cliffs on one side and natural clear water on the other.  One of the most sought after destination is the historic city of Lagos offering a 2.5-mile coastline and a variety of water sport facilities.

Balearic Islands Beaches

The Balearic Islands located south of mainland Spain offer some of the most beautiful beaches as well as some of the most exciting parties in Europe.  The most popular destinations include Palma de Mallorca with their picturesque beaches of gold sand, Ibiza world famous for its nightlife offering no less than 50 beaches along its 100 miles coastline and Port d’Alcudia with one the longest beaches in Majorca.

Mediterranean Beaches

Apart from the coastal towns, Balearic and Greek Islands (which are covered separately), the Mediterranean have plenty of magnificent Beaches within the islands of Sardinia, Malta, Cyprus, Sicily and Corsica.

Greek Islands Beaches

Greece is the Mediterranean country blessed with the highest number of Islands from Crete the biggest, to the charming Ionian, Dodecanese or Mykonos Islands.  Santorini is considered the most beautiful island and is home to the astonish Red Beach and Kamari Beach.

Canary islands Beaches

The Canary, a group of islands located off the Western coast of Africa have become a sought after destination for Europe.  Tenerife is the island with the most popular and largest resorts.  It is known for its unique fine black sand, as well as a windsurfer’s paradise, due to its constant wind.

South Turkey beaches

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey has one of the most amazing beach destinations in the region.  The most popular is the small village of Ölüdeniz, world famous for its Blue Lagoon surrounded by mountains and known for its paragliding.

Egypt beaches

Egypt is not only home to world class historical sites but it is also blessed with some of the most jaw dropping natural spots such as the Red Sea resort town Sharm El Sheikh or the Marsa Alam beach holiday town, both famous for their underwater treasures.

South-Africa beaches

South-Africa offers astonish natural beauty with its numerous beaches offering white sand and turquoise waters.  One of the most sought after destinations is Durban within the KwaZulu-Natal Coast, blessed with miles of sandy shores known as the Durban’s Golden Mile and is especially popular around South Beach.

Seychelles beaches

The Seychelles are known to be one of the most amazing tropical destinations and it comes to no surprise that it is officially considered the world’s most photographed beach.  This archipelago of the Indian Ocean is protected from the ocean’s waves by a reef and is blessed with astonishing turquoise waters and very fine white and pink sands.  One of its most praised spots is the beach of the Anse Source d’Argent within the island of La Digue.

Goa Beaches

Goa is by far one of the most visited regions in India, located less than 600km south of the buzzing Mumbai.  It is considered the primary holiday destination in the country, attracting 2.5 million visitors each year including numerous foreign tourists, with its fabulous beaches and green lush vegetation.

Sri Lanka Beaches

The island of Sri Lanka is blessed with over a thousand miles of beautiful golden beaches and blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.

Maldives Beaches

The Maldives is another of those magical destinations one should visit at least once in their lifetime.  This beautiful palm-fringed heaven offers spectacular beaches, warm waters and an astonishing underwater word. Located south of India and Sri Lanka within the Indian Ocean it is composed of over a thousand islands packed with a variety of luxury resorts.

Bangladesh Beaches

Bangladesh is known to have the World’s Longest Beach, the Cox’s Bazar with over 75 miles of uninterrupted sand on the coast and edged by beautiful cliffs.  It is a relatively unvisited destination making an ideal place for those looking for something a bit different.

Thailand’s Beaches

Thailand’s Beaches are perhaps one of the most famous in the world. Some of the most sought after destinations include Hua Hin, Thailand’s first beach resort town, Koh Phangan known for its full moon party, Koh Samui one of the most beautiful island, Koh Tao Thailand’s divers paradise, picture perfect Phi Phi Island, Koh Lanta the country’s most unspoiled destination and Phuket considered Thailand’s largest and most popular island.

Malaysia Beaches

Malaysia although less popular than its Thai neighbour it is blessed with astonishing natural beauty and have the advantage of being much cheaper and less crowded.  One of its top destination is Langkawi known as the land of one’s wishes, which has become the ideal place for an escape vacation with its clear waters, white sands to lush green forests

Philippines Beaches

With over 7000 islands the Philippines has some of the most breathtaking beach locations in South East Asia. Some of the best areas include Southern Negros with its world-class beaches and top diving spots, the picture perfect limestone formations of El Nido, Boracay known as the crown jewel of Philippine beaches, the banana-shaped island of Cebu and Siargao the country’s best know surf spot.

Eastern Australia Beaches

The Eastern Coast of Australia is often considered the most spectacular place in the country.   One of its most amazing destinations is the Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland which offers some 640 square miles (1,664 square kilometres) of unspoiled natural paradise.  As for top city beaches, Sydney’s Bondi Beach and Palm Beach are by far the favourite for sun worshippers.  Other key destinations within Australia’s East Coast include Byron Bay known as the country’s most easterly point, Four Mile Beach with its clean white sand, the Gold Coast one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, Hyams Beach famous for having the world’s whitest sand and Whitehaven Beach a long stretch of sand surrounded by azure water, located near Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

Southern Australia Beaches

The South coast is another amazing destination in Australia with a 3,800 kilometres coastline offering amazing beaches.  It is famous for being home to Australia’s most important surfers destinations including the Ninety Mile Beach and Bells Beach.

Western Australia Beaches

The lesser known South Western Coast of Australia is considered to be the world’s best surfing spots, with its huge challenging waves.  Some of its key destinations include Cable Beach considered one of the world’s most stunning beaches, Cottesloe one of Perth’s most popular beaches, Monkey Mia ideal for nature lovers with a huge variety of animal and bird life found nearby and Scarborough for surf fanatics.

New Zealand Beaches

New Zealand is considered one of the most unique countries when it comes to Natural Beauty.  It is no surprise that it offers some astonishing beaches including the Waiheke Island’s Onetangi Bay with its stretch of golden sand, the Karikari Peninsula’s Beaches with endless white sand and crystal-clear waters, Coopers Beach surrounded with red-emblazoned pohutukawa trees, Hot Water Beach famous as a natural spa experience, the Ocean Beach ideal for surfing and Kaiteriteri Beach near Canterbury.

Pacific Ocean Beaches

The Pacific region has the world’s most remote islands but at the same time offers some of the most idyllic tropical destinations.  Those include the magical French Polynesian islands of Bora Bora often considered the most beautiful islands in the world, the Cook Islands comprised of fifteen beautiful islands and the more popular island of Hawaii, often consider America’s surfer paradise.