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Top 100 Costa Brava Towns

"A journey through Catalonia's coastal treasures, from secluded coves to historic villages"

The Costa Brava, known for its rugged coastline, hidden beaches, and charming towns, is a treasure trove of cultural and natural beauty. This comprehensive list of the top 100 towns showcases the diversity of the region, from bustling seaside resorts to tranquil medieval villages nestled in the hills. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a taste of Catalan culture, these towns offer something for every traveler.



  • Title: "Top 100 Costa Brava Towns"
  • Subtitle: "Exploring Catalonia's Coastal Gems"
  • Tagline: "A journey through Catalonia's coastal treasures, from secluded coves to historic villages"
  • Description: "Dive into the heart of the Costa Brava with a guide to its top 100 towns, each offering a unique slice of Catalonia's rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes."
  • Keywords: Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain, Coastal Towns, Travel, Heritage, Beaches


# Top 100 Costa Brava Towns
- Subtitle: Exploring Catalonia's Coastal Gems
- Tagline: A journey through Catalonia's coastal treasures, from secluded coves to historic villages
- Description: Dive into the heart of the Costa Brava with a guide to its top 100 towns, each offering a unique slice of Catalonia's rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes.
- 5 Topics

## Topics
- Northern Gems: Portbou to L'Escala
- Heart of the Costa Brava: Pals to Tossa de Mar
- Southern Charms: Blanes to Malgrat de Mar
- Inland Beauties: Besalú to Peratallada
- Emerging Destinations: Unique finds along the Costa Brava

Top 100 List

  1. Lloret de Mar: Famous for its beaches and vibrant nightlife.
  2. Tossa de Mar: Known for its stunning medieval castle overlooking the sea.
  3. Blanes: The Gateway to the Costa Brava, with beautiful botanical gardens.
  4. Cadaqués: White-washed houses and the Salvador Dalí House-Museum.
  5. Roses: Ancient ruins and fantastic beaches.
  6. Empuriabrava: Known for its marina, canals, and skydiving.
  7. Begur: Home to several coves (cala) and a medieval castle.
  8. Pals: A medieval town with stunning views of the Empordà.
  9. Calella de Palafrugell: Charming fishing village with beautiful coves.
  10. L’Estartit: Gateway to the Medes Islands, great for diving.
  11. Sant Feliu de Guíxols: Rich in history and culture, with beautiful beaches.
  12. L’Escala: Famous for its anchovies and ruins of Empúries.
  13. Castell-Platja d’Aro: Modern tourist resort with a medieval village, Platja d’Aro.
  14. S’Agaró: Elegant and upscale with beautiful coastal paths.
  15. Palamós: A working fishing port known for its shrimp.
  16. Palafrugell: Hub to several picturesque coastal villages.
  17. Tamariu: A small, secluded beach town perfect for families.
  18. Portbou: Border town with hidden beaches and coves.
  19. Port de la Selva: Quiet fishing village with beautiful beaches and a monastery nearby.
  20. Figueres: The birthplace of Salvador Dalí, home to the Dalí Theatre-Museum.
  21. Girona: Known for its medieval architecture and the colorful houses along the Onyar River.
  22. La Bisbal d’Empordà: Famous for its ceramics and pottery.
  23. Torroella de Montgrí: Medieval town with a castle and gateway to the Montgrí Natural Park.
  24. Peralada: Known for its castle, casino, and wine festival.
  25. Banyoles: Famous for its large natural lake and rowing events.
  26. Besalú: A well-preserved medieval town with a famous Romanesque bridge.
  27. Ripoll: Known for its Benedictine monastery and as the cradle of Catalonia.
  28. Camprodon: Popular for hiking and its Romanesque architecture.
  29. Llançà: A family-friendly beach town with a peaceful atmosphere.
  30. Vilajuïga: Known for its natural springs and bottled water.
  31. Colera: Small, peaceful town with beautiful natural surroundings.
  32. Cap de Creus: The easternmost point of mainland Spain, with a famous lighthouse.
  33. Mont-ras: Close to the best coves and inland rural charm.
  34. Albanyà: Known for its dark skies and astronomy observatory.
  35. Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura: Charming medieval villages with stone architecture.
  36. Calonge: Split between the old town and the seaside resort of Sant Antoni.
  37. Sant Pere Pescador: Surrounded by the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà wetlands, ideal for windsurfing.
  38. Sant Antoni de Calonge: Offers a beautiful promenade along the beach.
  39. Ullastret: Home to significant Iberian archaeological sites.
  40. Verges: Famous for its traditional “Dansa de la Mort” (Dance of Death) procession.
  41. Saus, Camallera i Llampaies: Small villages known for their rustic charm.
  42. Regencós: A tiny, picturesque village surrounded by landscapes.
  43. Rabós: Near the Albera Natural Park, known for its tranquility.
  44. Peratallada: Boasts some of the most well-preserved medieval stone architecture.
  45. Pau: Close to nature reserves and with a historical old town.
  46. Ordis: Known for its traditional Catalan countryside and architecture.
  47. Navata: Features a famous golf resort and rural landscapes.
  48. Molló: In the Camprodon Valley, known for its Romanesque church and nature park.
  49. Masarac: Peaceful countryside settings and traditional vineyards.
  50. Maçanet de Cabrenys: Near the French border, offers lush forests and waterfalls.
  51. Meranges: High in the Pyrenees, known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities.
  52. Llívia: A Spanish exclave surrounded by French territory, with a rich history.
  53. Puigcerdà: The capital of Cerdanya, known for its lake and vibrant town center.
  54. Ripoll: Famous for its Romanesque monastery, the birthplace of Catalan Romanesque.
  55. Vilabertran: Home to the well-preserved Romanesque monastery of Santa Maria.
  56. Castelló d'Empúries: Once a county capital, it boasts a grand Gothic church.
  57. La Jonquera: A border town known for its history of trade and conflict.
  58. Alp: Offers access to ski resorts and mountain activities in the Cerdanya region.
  59. Bellver de Cerdanya: A picturesque town with stunning views of the Segre River.
  60. Bolvir: Home to luxurious residential areas and golf courses.
  61. Queralbs: The last stop before the Vall de Núria, offering beautiful hiking trails.
  62. Setcases: A small mountain village, gateway to many Pyrenean hiking routes.
  63. Tossa de Mar: Famous for its ancient castle overlooking the Mediterranean.
  64. Sant Feliu de Guíxols: With a rich maritime history and beautiful beaches.
  65. Santa Cristina d'Aro: Offers a blend of coastal beauty and rugged mountain landscapes.
  66. Espolla: Known for its vineyards and close proximity to natural parks.
  67. Viladamat: Offers a glimpse into rural life in the Alt Empordà.
  68. Torroella de Montgrí: Famous for its medieval castle and Montgrí Massif.
  69. L'Escala: Renowned for the Ruins of Empúries and lovely beaches.
  70. Cervià de Ter: Home to a beautiful Romanesque monastery and medieval architecture.
  71. Palau-saverdera: Offers stunning views of the Bay of Roses.
  72. Peralada: Known for its castle, wine festival, and beautiful old town.
  73. Port de la Selva: A peaceful fishing village with beautiful beaches and a monastery nearby.
  74. Sant Llorenç de la Muga: A medieval town with well-preserved walls and a beautiful river setting.
  75. Sant Martí d'Empúries: A small medieval village beside the ruins of Empúries.
  76. Sant Miquel de Fluvià: Known for its impressive Romanesque church.
  77. Sant Mori: Features a beautifully preserved castle and a serene rural atmosphere.
  78. Santa Coloma de Farners: Famous for its thermal baths and natural springs.
  79. Serinyà: Home to prehistoric caves with important archaeological sites.
  80. Siurana: A cliff-top village with stunning views and a rich history.
  81. Sils: Known for its natural lakes and birdwatching opportunities.
  82. Susqueda: Offers a stunning reservoir, popular for kayaking and fishing.
  83. Tallada d'Empordà: Features picturesque countryside and traditional agriculture.
  84. Terrades: Surrounded by nature, ideal for hiking and outdoor activities.
  85. Torrent: Famous for its traditional Catalan architecture and tranquil atmosphere.
  86. Ullà: Offers a mix of rural charm and historical sites.
  87. Ultramort: Its name intriguingly translates to "beyond death," known for its peaceful countryside.
  88. Vall-llobrega: Close to the coast, known for its agriculture and historical buildings.
  89. Ventalló: Features traditional stone houses and a rustic atmosphere.
  90. Verges: Known for the traditional “Dansa de la Mort” and its medieval heritage.
  91. Vidreres: A gateway to beautiful natural surroundings, just a short drive from the coast.
  92. Vilafant: Offers a blend of modernity and tradition near Figueres.
  93. Vilajuïga: Renowned for its still water, with stunning natural landscapes.
  94. Vilallonga de Ter: A picturesque village in the Pyrenees with beautiful natural settings.
  95. Vilamacolum: Known for its tranquility and traditional Catalan culture.
  96. Vilamalla: Offers an insight into rural life in the Empordà region.
  97. Vilamaniscle: Set amidst vineyards and rolling hills, known for its wine.
  98. Vilanant: Features a beautiful blend of nature and history.
  99. Vilaür: A small, quiet village with a charming medieval atmosphere.
  100. Vilopriu: Known for its castle ruins and panoramic views of the Empordà.

Top 100 Table

Rank Name Renowned For Region
1 Lloret de Mar Beaches and vibrant nightlife La Selva
2 Tossa de Mar Stunning medieval castle overlooking the sea La Selva
3 Blanes Botanical gardens La Selva
4 Cadaqués White-washed houses, Salvador Dalí House-Museum Alt Empordà
5 Roses Ancient ruins, fantastic beaches Alt Empordà
6 Empuriabrava Marina, canals, and skydiving Alt Empordà
7 Begur Coves (cala) and a medieval castle Baix Empordà
8 Pals Medieval town with stunning views of the Empordà Baix Empordà
9 Calella de Palafrugell Charming fishing village, beautiful coves Baix Empordà
10 L’Estartit Gateway to the Medes Islands, great for diving Baix Empordà
11 Sant Feliu de Guíxols Rich in history and culture, beautiful beaches Baix Empordà
12 L’Escala Famous for its anchovies and ruins of Empúries Alt Empordà
13 Castell-Platja d’Aro Modern tourist resort with a medieval village Baix Empordà
14 S’Agaró Elegant and upscale with beautiful coastal paths Baix Empordà
15 Palamós Working fishing port known for its shrimp Baix Empordà
16 Palafrugell Hub to several picturesque coastal villages Baix Empordà
17 Tamariu Small, secluded beach town perfect for families Baix Empordà
18 Portbou Hidden beaches and coves Alt Empordà
19 Port de la Selva Quiet fishing village with beautiful beaches and a monastery nearby Alt Empordà
20 Figueres Birthplace of Salvador Dalí, Dalí Theatre-Museum Alt Empordà
21 Girona Medieval architecture, colorful houses Gironès
22 La Bisbal d’Empordà Ceramics and pottery Baix Empordà
23 Torroella de Montgrí Medieval castle, Montgrí Massif Baix Empordà
24 Peralada Castle, wine festival, beautiful old town Alt Empordà
25 Banyoles Large natural lake, rowing events Pla de l'Estany
26 Besalú Well-preserved medieval town, Romanesque bridge Garrotxa
27 Ripoll Benedictine monastery, Catalan Romanesque cradle Ripollès
28 Camprodon Hiking, Romanesque architecture Ripollès
29 Llançà Family-friendly beaches, peaceful atmosphere Alt Empordà
30 Vilajuïga Natural springs and bottled water Alt Empordà
31 Colera Small, peaceful town, beautiful natural settings Alt Empordà
32 Cap de Creus Easternmost point of Spain, famous lighthouse Alt Empordà
33 Mont-ras Close to best coves, inland rural charm Baix Empordà
34 Albanyà Dark skies, astronomy observatory Alt Empordà
35 Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura Charming medieval villages Baix Empordà
36 Calonge Old town and seaside resort of Sant Antoni Baix Empordà
37 Sant Pere Pescador Surrounded by wetlands, ideal for windsurfing Alt Empordà
38 Sant Antoni de Calonge Beautiful promenade along the beach Baix Empordà
39 Ullastret Significant Iberian archaeological sites Baix Empordà
40 Verges Traditional “Dansa de la Mort” procession Baix Empordà
41 Regencós Picturesque medieval village Baix Empordà
42 Rabós Near Albera Natural Park, tranquility Alt Empordà
43 Peratallada Well-preserved medieval stone architecture Baix Empordà
44 Pau Close to nature reserves, historical old town Alt Empordà
45 Ordis Traditional Catalan countryside Alt Empordà
46 Navata Famous golf resort, rural landscapes Alt Empordà
47 Molló Romanesque church, nature park access Ripollès
48 Masarac Peaceful countryside, traditional vineyards Alt Empordà
49 Maçanet de Cabrenys Lush forests, waterfalls Alt Empordà
50 Llagostera Gateway to the Costa Brava, historical center Gironès
51 Meranges Pyrenees landscapes, outdoor activities Cerdanya
52 Llívia Spanish exclave surrounded by France Cerdanya
53 Puigcerdà Cerdanya's capital, lake, vibrant town center Cerdanya
54 Vilabertran Well-preserved Romanesque monastery Alt Empordà
55 Castelló d'Empúries Grand Gothic church, historical significance Alt Empordà
56 La Jonquera Border town, trade and conflict history Alt Empordà
57 Alp Access to ski resorts, mountain activities Cerdanya
58 Bellver de Cerdanya Picturesque views, Segre River Cerdanya
59 Bolvir Luxurious residential areas, golf courses Cerdanya
60 Queralbs Vall de Núria access, beautiful hiking trails Ripollès
61 Setcases Mountain village, Pyrenean hiking routes Ripollès
62 Tossa de Mar Ancient castle, Mediterranean views La Selva
63 Sant Feliu de Guíxols Maritime history, beaches Baix Empordà
64 Santa Cristina d'Aro Coastal beauty, mountain landscapes Baix Empordà
65 Espolla Vineyards, natural beauty Alt Empordà
66 Viladamat Rural charm, Alt Empordà Alt Empordà
67 Torroella de Montgrí Medieval castle, natural park Baix Empordà
68 L'Escala Ruins of Empúries, anchovies Alt Empordà
69 Cervià de Ter Romanesque monastery, medieval architecture Gironès
70 Palau-saverdera Views of the Bay of Roses, historical sites Alt Empordà
71 Peralada Wine culture, historical landmarks Alt Empordà
72 Port de la Selva Fishing village charm, monastery Alt Empordà
73 Sant Llorenç de la Muga Medieval architecture, river setting Alt Empordà
74 Sant Martí d'Empúries Adjacent to ruins, medieval village Alt Empordà
75 Sant Miquel de Fluvià Impressive Romanesque church Alt Empordà
76 Sant Mori Preserved castle, tranquil environment Alt Empordà
77 Santa Coloma de Farners Thermal baths, natural springs La Selva
78 Serinyà Prehistoric caves, archaeological significance Pla de l'Estany
79 Siurana Cliff-top village, history and views Baix Empordà
80 Sils Natural lakes, birdwatching La Selva

10 Days Itinerary

To cover 100 towns across the Costa Brava in 10 days, with a focus on visiting 10 distinct towns each day, the itinerary needs to be highly structured yet flexible. Here’s a revised approach, offering a whirlwind tour of this diverse and beautiful region:

Day 1: Southern Costa Brava Kickstart

  1. Blanes (3)
  2. Lloret de Mar (1)
  3. Tossa de Mar (2)
  4. Sant Feliu de Guíxols (11)
  5. Platja d’Aro (13)
  6. Palamós (15)
  7. Palafrugell (16)
  8. Begur (7)
  9. Pals (8)
  10. Torroella de Montgrí (23)

Day 2: The Medieval Heart

  1. Peratallada (43)
  2. Monells (35)
  3. Cruïlles (35, sharing the spotlight with Monells)
  4. Ullastret (39)
  5. La Bisbal d’Empordà (22)
  6. Regencós (41)
  7. Palafrugell (Palafrugell revisited for its rural surroundings)
  8. Calella de Palafrugell (9)
  9. Llafranc (Near 9, part of Palafrugell)
  10. Tamariu (17)

Day 3: Northern Beaches and Dali’s Influence

  1. Roses (5)
  2. Empuriabrava (6)
  3. Castelló d'Empúries (55)
  4. Sant Pere Pescador (37)
  5. L'Escala (12)
  6. Cadaqués (4)
  7. Port de la Selva (19)
  8. Llançà (29)
  9. Colera (31)
  10. Portbou (18)

Day 4: Inland Gems and Girona

  1. Banyoles (25)
  2. Besalú (26)
  3. Figueres (20)
  4. Vilabertran (54)
  5. Peralada (24)
  6. Cabanes (Not previously listed but close to Peralada)
  7. Castelló d’Empúries (55, revisited for its proximity and significance)
  8. Ventalló (88)
  9. Camallera (Not previously listed but within the route)
  10. Girona (21)

Day 5: Girona’s Surroundings

  1. Sant Gregori (Near Girona, not previously listed)
  2. Madremanya (Near Girona, not previously listed)
  3. Pubol (Close to La Pera, related to Gala Dalí Castle)
  4. Corçà (Not previously listed, near Monells)
  5. Ullà (85)
  6. Fontanilles (Not listed but near Torroella de Montgrí)
  7. Gualta (Not listed, close to Fontanilles)
  8. Palau-sator (Not listed, near Pals)
  9. Pals (8, revisited for its significance)
  10. Begur (7, revisited for evening relaxation)

Day 6: The Wild Coast

  1. Palafrugell (16, as a starting point)
  2. Vall-Llobrega (87)
  3. Calonge (36)
  4. Sant Antoni de Calonge (Part of Calonge, directly on the coast)
  5. Platja d'Aro (13, revisited for its central location)
  6. S'Agaró (14)
  7. Sant Feliu de Guíxols (11, revisited)
  8. Tossa de Mar (2, for a sunset revisit)
  9. Lloret de Mar (1, revisited for nightlife)
  10. Blanes (3, revisited for its botanical garden at night)

Day 7: Toward the French Border

  1. Maçanet de Cabrenys (49)
  2. Darnius (Near Maçanet, not previously listed)
  3. La Vajol (Not listed but strategically placed)
  4. Agullana (Near La Vajol, not listed)
  5. Capmany (Close to Agullana, not listed)
  6. Sant Climent Sescebes (Near Capmany, not listed)
  7. Espolla (65)
  8. Vilajuïga (30)
  9. Pau (44)
  10. Roses (5, for a relaxed evening)

Day 8: Empordà’s Vineyards and Vistas

  1. Garriguella (Not listed, known for wineries)
  2. Mollet de Perafita (Close to Garriguella, not listed)
  3. Rabós (42)
  4. Pedret i Marzà (Close to Rabós, not listed)
  5. Vilamaniscle (96)
  6. Llançà (29, revisited for its beaches)
  7. Port de la Selva (19, revisited)
  8. Cadaqués (4, revisited for a relaxed dinner)
  9. Portbou (18, revisited for sunset views)
  10. Colera (31, revisited for evening calm)

Day 9: Back to the Interior

  1. Olot (Near the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, not previously listed)
  2. Santa Pau (Near Olot, historical significance)
  3. Besalú (26, revisited for its charm)
  4. Banyoles (25, revisited for the lake at sunset)
  5. Serinyà (Near Banyoles, known for prehistoric caves)
  6. Esponellà (Near Serinyà, not previously listed)
  7. Navata (46)
  8. Figueres (20, revisited for evening leisure)
  9. Vilafant (91)
  10. Torroella de Fluvia (Not listed but strategically placed)

Day 10: Farewell Tour

  1. Cistella (Not listed, near Figueres)
  2. Terrades (83)
  3. Boadella d'Empordà (Near Terrades, not listed)
  4. Biure (Near Boadella, not listed)
  5. Darnius (62, revisited for its lake)
  6. Maçanet de Cabrenys (49, revisited)
  7. Albanyà (34, for astronomy observation)
  8. Sant Llorenç de la Muga (73, medieval charm)
  9. Vilamaniscle (96, revisited for a wine tasting farewell)
  10. Llançà (29, for a final beach farewell)

This itinerary is highly ambitious and meant to give a broad overview of the Costa Brava's diversity, encompassing coastal delights, medieval treasures, natural wonders, and the rich cultural fabric of the region. It’s designed for travelers who enjoy a fast-paced journey, emphasizing the breadth of experiences over depth in each location.


The Costa Brava, with its myriad of towns ranging from sleepy fishing villages to bustling seaside resorts, offers an endless array of experiences for travelers. Each town, with its own unique charm and history, invites exploration and promises unforgettable memories. Whether you're drawn to the allure of medieval architecture, the tranquility of hidden coves, or the vibrant energy of modern resorts, the Costa Brava has a destination waiting for you. Dive into the heart of Catalonia and discover the coastal gems that make the Costa Brava truly enchanting.